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Stop Automatic Loans

Topics: Suggestions: Stop Automatic Loans


Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 05:47 pm Click here to edit this post
Andy, Can you either give us as players a means to turn off giving us automatic loans or change the current parameters that result in us getting automatic loans? This all started when you made the changes to try to keep countries from going bankrupt. I assure you none of my countries or corporations are any where close to bankruptcy. I don't want or need the debt of these automatic loans. If my countries or corporations ever need money I have enough of my own to handle it. In fact I loan money to others. Please consider making this change as soon as possible as your good intentions are harming active players.


Friday, November 28, 2014 - 04:08 am Click here to edit this post
No, no, no loan business will be suffer.
Yes to automatic loans!!
El pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido!!

Perival Lovacore

Friday, November 28, 2014 - 05:24 am Click here to edit this post
Compound Interest is the most powerful force in the universe.

I'm not even sure Andy can stop it.

Jonny Alouette

Friday, November 28, 2014 - 06:07 pm Click here to edit this post
I have put out the maximum amount in loans but stopped. The return is negligible. However, if one of your corp.s needs a loan it should come from your own Empire first. It's galling to pay interest to someone else when you have $80+ Trillion out to loan.

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