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Battlegrounds (revised) - Aries

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 05:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Battlegrounds is a war game enhancement that ties into the War College idea. Players that graduate from the War College will have an opportunity to continue to use their war skills against other accomplished war players to earn rewards in a fun environment. Steps have been take to simplify its development and make Battlegrounds similar to other game systems for familiarity.

To qualify for Battlegrounds one must:

1. Be War College level 3.

2. Be a premium member.

To participate in Battlegrounds one can either choose to be a Battleground defender or attacker.

Choosing to be a Battleground defender:

1. To do this select any c3 that would normally be available for a c3 war. You automatically become that countries president as if you just completed a war.

2. That country automatically has the deployed defenses of a war level 4 c3 with the appropriate garrisons and units deployed.

3. That country has a negative cash level to account for its starting weapons, ammo, and other assets. The player got to choose the country and has the responsibility to choose wisely. The negative cash level, in return, is set. Perhaps, the negative cash level should be similar to the equivalent war level reward amount, in this case $3.2 Trillion.

4. The country receives 6 game months of war protection.

The country is owned by the player normally except for these exceptions:

1. This country appears on the Battlegrounds list as a participant.

2. This country cannot purchase additional war protection (but can set blackout periods normally).

3. This country is at risk of war from other players with an abbreviated declaration delay of 7 game days.

4. This country may not accept a peace treaty and any declared wars must expire normally.

Choosing to be a Battleground attacker:

1. Simply check the list of Battleground participant countries and declare war on it. Your war starts in 7 game days.

What happens when the war is over:

1. The winner owns the country. The country is no longer considered a Battleground country and is no longer different than any other player-owned country

2. The country receives $10 Trillion.

Limitations explanation:

1. Each player can choose to be a Battleground defender or attacker 3 times/month. This is a player limitation, not a world limitation.

For development simplicity, perhaps a "Battleground Level" that advances each time a player chooses to assume a Battleground defender country or attacks one would be best. This would start at 0 at the beginning of the month and reset back to 0 at the end of the month.


-It is possible to have more than one attacker against the same Battleground country. Obviously, only one player can win, gain the country, and get the cash reward, however. The Battleground country assumes "normal country" status and gets the cash reward once it is in a war and then it is not in a war.

-Since the Battleground defender controls the country they are likely to add it to their fed and deploy defenses. In this way, it is possible that more than one player can assist with defense.

-It is possible that players are sitting on Battleground countries from the previous month. That is okay.

-It benefits the game, in my opinion, that war players will constantly be in contact with other war players. There are allies. There are winners and there are losers over the Battleground loot. Battleground conflicts can cause more serious confrontations to result and this is a good thing.


Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 10:42 am Click here to edit this post
I read this expecting to disagree with the idea because of excessive coding requirements etc. But from what I see it would actually require very little work from the developers, simply giving certain countries a [battlegrounds:defender/attacker] tag, and adapting either the daily reward or beginners income functionality to deliver required weapons etc. Good job, although it does bear many similarities to the two team solution I suggested to you in chat a number of days ago ;-)

Haven't read the War College proposal yet, I have a suspicion that is where these ideas might require too much time to be considered feasible. But this suggestion could easily work independently.


Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 12:19 pm Click here to edit this post

Careful, there is no daily reward. Effectively, the Battleground defender "buys" the country in the form of the $3.2 Trillion negative cash level when they assume control of the country. The country and all its assets are then essentially owned by the player and the player can do with them as they wish.

The country retains the Battleground tag, with the conditions I set forth, until it enters a war and returns to peace. When that happens, the victor, attacker or defender, retains control of all country assets and the country. If the country has any debt/negative cash and the defender losses, that debt should be transferred to their (the defender's) empire normally. When the country returns to peace, it also gains the reward of $10 Trillion (after the debt transfer, if necessary).

Please check out the suggestions without any preconceptions. War College not much more than a 3 level system that mimics game levels.


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