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WAR LEVEL REMOVAL, and other changes

Topics: Suggestions: WAR LEVEL REMOVAL, and other changes


Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 08:42 pm Click here to edit this post
I think some changes should certainly to improve the war game or perhaps we just need a completely new and reworked war game. Regardless I believe there are 2 major problems currently that make the war game not practical and extremely difficult and time consuming and should be addressed soon at some point. Additionally there is another problem which could be addressed sometime in the far future.

1. To Much Clicking!

This is one of my greatest problems with the war game. The clicking is literally insane. Improvements could be added such as possibly making it easy to simply search for forts and then select them all and then you would be able to select which units to attack with. To make this balanced the attacks would not be instant but would use realistic times which could be calculated by the distance from the attacking unit to the target.

For example if a air force bombing and attack wing is 1,000miles from a target and if it did fly at 200mph it would take 5 game hours for it to get to the target and another 5 to get back.

Of course you would be able to use multiple air wings at a time with each of them taking time to get to the target and back. therefore the more air wings you have the more targets you could destroy at once. This would be a huge improvement to the game and make wars easier to fight as significantly less clicking would be involved while being balanced with non instant attacks which would take flight and travel time into account.

2. Not many countries to attack and very few potential targets: (WAR LEVEL REMOVAL!)

Currently there are very few countries and targets in some of the worlds which also significantly affects the war game in negative ways. I am proposing changing the way war levels work based on activity, premium membership, and other factors based on how new a player is. ( The War levels need to be removed and replaced)

War levels should be removed within the next few months otherwise the next year will be a struggle for simcounty followed by a massive decrease in revenue. I would like to see simcountry remove war levels immediately and then work to replace them with other more moderate protection strategies. This would jump start the war game temporary and continue it when temporary protection for new players is added.

New players would receive war protection regardless of any changes to the war game, and would recieve additional help by war guides which simcountry should update explaining in very simple terms how to defend your country effectively based on current player attack strategies .

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