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Add "Training" Ammunition Use to Reporting in "Total Defense Cost"

Topics: Suggestions: Add "Training" Ammunition Use to Reporting in "Total Defense Cost"


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 07:53 am Click here to edit this post
As it is now, most military expenses are based on the consumption of products, such as military maintenance products. On the finance page, profit and loss reflects the cost of these items as a part of "Total Defense Cost". Since the actual cost is "paid" when the items are purchased by the country, the finance page balances this by including all of the following in the Cash YTD tab.

-"Profit and Loss" which reflects the cost of the item as part of monthly consumption

-"Materials Purchased" which reflects the purchase price of the item when the country actually purchased the products.

-"Materials sold or used by the government" which reflects a credit for the exact same amount as the amount paid in "Profit and Loss" for "Total Defense Cost"

Essentially, "Materials Purchased" is when the actual money is spent. Your country orders the product based on your ordering policy and typically are set to purchase a number of months worth when your stock hits its "low-water mark". The other two entries in "Profit and Loss" and "Materials sold or used by the government" are used for recording purposes and simply estimates the cost of the items that are consumed each month to upkeep your military, in this case (similar processes are followed for other tracking of daily product use)

Now, I understand what I just explained probably just went over the head of 80+% of the player base. Especially, players who have never had to contend with defending country with weapons, rather than FAKE protections.

So, now to my suggestions. The monthly reporting, that is the "Profit and Loss" and the "Materials sold or used by the Government" does not include the ammo expended as a cost for having weapons in your country. Essentially, the function that describes itself as "Total Defense Cost" is bogus because it leaves out ammunition, which is a very significant cost of defending a country.

Andy, soon we are moving, at least on one world, towards some system that encourages or coaxes players into replacing FAKE game protections with actual force of arms. To prepare for more players to deal with the inevitable expense of doing this, does it not make sense to include the costs of monthly expended ammunition as a part of "Total Defense Cost"?


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 10:13 am Click here to edit this post

Don't underestimate anyone here.
People who are interested in the details, and look at these numbers will figure it out as you did.

The maintenance cost of the weapons in the country includes some materials, maintenance products cost AND the ammunition that is used in maintenance/training.

The function is 100% CORRECT. (Please be careful .....)
I designed this myself, it was tested and calculated many times.

The separation of cash expenditure from the actual cost may be complex to some but it shows the real cost.

Doing it on cash bases will cause very large fluctuations that will be even much harder to understand.

As far as I can see, the entire cost of the army is represented by the cost of defense as reported.


I agree on limitations of war protection on FB but war levels, if serious and a measure for capabilities, offer free gold coins.
Maybe you mean that there should be not connection between your war level and any war protection it provides.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 05:07 pm Click here to edit this post
Check it again. Ammunition is certainly not included as part of "Total Defense Cost". Check any one of my countries on LU that are out of war protection. You have 9 to choose from. It is obvious.

I have brought math to the forum a number of times. I am not up to it right now, so I will give you two options. Please, check it again, because adding ammunition costs to "Total Defense Cost" is very important for proper reporting, if we plan to get more players involved in the war game. The other option is if I spend the time to bring the data and indeed prove you wrong on this, how about I get compensated? I could always use the coins.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 05:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Excuse me Aries but you are spreading false information!

Ammunition is calculated in the maintenance cost of each and every weapons and the cost is part of what is shown as the cost of defense.

I appreciate your knowledge but believe me, I know the code, I designed the function. and it is 100% included.

There is a fraction of a piece of ammunition, that is used per year, for every weapon you have.

You should stop this discussion as it is baseless.
You knowledge is great but you statement on this is false.

The cost is far too high to ignore.

We did it when ammunition corporations were closing because of low interest.

we have replaced the cost of some materials by inserting the cost of ammunition.
we caused the use of ammunition to increase and created a market for ammunition, leaving the total cost of maintenance unchanged.

This was done at least 5 years ago, before that, ammunition was not used in the maintenance cost and also then, the total cost of defense included everything used.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 05:47 pm Click here to edit this post
Gosh darnit. I will open a notepad and get started. I will admit if I am wrong, but I expect some gold coin payment if I can clearly show you are wrong!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 06:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Start here. Where am I wrong? It appears that gasoline and electricity are shared by military and other use, so it is difficult to determine the price amount on our financial page going to military. Does this not make up the amount I cannot account account for in "Total Defense Cost". That country uses a heck of a lot of monthly ammo. You still think there is accounting room for that ammo in "Total Defense Cost"?

Your turn!

CC2 on LU

Aug 3949

Total Defense Cost 75,164.75M SC$

Total Salaries 2,008.82M SC$
Total Products 69,036.89M SC$
Total Accounted for 71,045.71 SC$
Unaccounted for 4,119.04 SC$

Salaries Yearly Monthly

Soldier 16,000 SC$ 1,333
Officer 32,640 SC$ 2,720

Drafted Soldiers 778,652 1,037.94M SC$
Drafted Officers 343,218 933.55M SC$
Professional Soldiers 14,540 19.38M SC$
Professional Officers 6,600 17.95M SC$

Total Salaries 2,008.82M SC$

Airforce Maintenance 9,005.81M SC$

Def Weapons Maintenance 33,463.19M SC$

Military Bases Maintenance 7,973.22M SC$)

Navy Vessels Maintenance 0

Off Weapons Maintenance 1.20M SC$

Aircraft Fuel 4,256.23M SC$

Military Supplies 1,871.80M SC SC$

Military Services 12,465.44M SC$ SC$

Total Products 69,036.89M SC$

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