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Sunday, September 2, 2018 - 08:07 pm Click here to edit this post

Inteligence Agencies are expensive to build and maintain.

They require a Hospital, a University, an Air Transport and a Production plant.
It will take a minimun of three months to build if Airfields and Factories are available.
They can only be built by countries of Level 3 or above because of the Air Transport. Only one can be built at a time.
They cannot be owned by a CEO or C3. If a players country is taken over by war they are destoyed.

The staff will be aproximately the sum of one half the workers needed for a Hospital, a University, and Air Transport. The supplies are aproximately the same as an Air Transport.

Each month they will generate an amount of Espinoge Defense that is applied to the country.
They also create Espinoge Units that can be used against other countries.

As you build more, your defense increases and more units are created.

Teams of units are used in spy missions. The harder the mision the more units are needed. A mission takes six months to complete.
They can be used defensively to increase your resitance to infiltration.
Offensive missions can range from inteligence gathering, lowering welfare or fighting ability, the destuction of infrastucture, corporations, arms and ammo.

The higher the defense of the target, the less likely you will suceed.
The more units you use above the minimun requierd increases the chance of success.

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