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Manipulation. (Golden Rainbow)

Topics: Problems: Manipulation. (Golden Rainbow)

Psycho_Honey (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 04:14 am Click here to edit this post
Many people will say that c3 warring is not an ethical form of war.

However, it must be stated that it is an effective form of combat. Especially when players that have been around for long enough, fight wars, and somehow manage to have Cities and Capitals rebuild between the first and 5th of the month, no matter how many times you destroy them. They move and show no damage. Yet my ammo is used up, and weapons that may have been lost in destroying the target are lost. The War Index drops slightly, but this tactic, which should be against the rules or impossible to say the least, allows the cities to rebuild until the real update which refreshes the War Index. This is just one of countless things I have seen done during wars with certain players that should not be happening. This is exactly why I would never 'put anything on the line' becuase the game is too open and and subject to manipulation that is not available to every player.

The reason I state this example is becuase people that have played for a longer time than myself still don't know how it is being done either. Granted they may be prepared for it, and react to it in order to overcome their enemy, but it shouldn't be happening in the first place. It is common knowledge that a certain band of players will group up on a player they know to be capable of defeating them, this is a valid tactic. What is alarming is that when working within the way the game 'should' woprk, if all else fails I have seen things stoop to a low where people will manipulate the game however they know how, and rob a player of a just victory. This is not ethical and I hope it goes to show exactly why all this call out nonsense and whatnot is BS to the core, becuase most of these warlords use these 'cheats' and I am most certain this is what we can attribute most of their victories to.

I am offended that w3c has not stepped in to stop this kind of manipulation and level the playing field. I have done many things and w3c has answered the cries of many veteran players who felt disenfranchised by my own tactics I used to employ. Sneak Attacks, Type of weapons, no war protections after sneak attacks. Parameters were changed. Debt Bombs, Taking c3s and loading them with enough weapons and ammo to cause my enemies a headache and force them to conquer said c3 and eat the debt worth 10 trillion dollars. Parameters concerning this debt and c3s or any country were changed.

I have had this problem and reported this more than once on the forum, not in direct email though, I suspect w3c reads the forums once in a while. This and other 'weird happenings' as I call them, have happened, Against

Aqua Rainbow Undefended targets producing losses with no air defense, federated or country; non nukeable military bases and targets without garrisons. Garrisons becoming available well after war was started(several game months later) without a single supply unit in the country. Explanation: Barney: I think it is because that country is operating under the old war engine.

Zeba and Aqua Rainbow targets refresh on the 5th of the month on GR. No explanation

DarthDizzy/Crossdale. Targets Refreshed four times and moved in the span of 2 game days on GR. He recently accomplished a similar feat against Josias on LU. No. Explanation

KevinHkj/ Apprentice Alliance (Dizzy's fed) Targets refreshed several times over and over again. Capital Cites refreshed and moved between the first and Fifth of the month. Strat Bases refreshed several different times during the month after I destroyed them on the 22nd. Fleets and weapons become available at random times during the month. Although my fleet has been damged going on 3 months now from only a single attack, before it was even available for me to use!? WTH? Now KEvin and Dizzy have been the only two players to do this stuff in the past real month, but Dizzy isn't setting them up or training them? I'm sure you can follow. They are a new federation headed by a 14 year old... right.

Can we get some disclosure about how or why this happens, and then add some closure to the matter by managing to shut these occurrences down so that the war game can be played the way it is supposed to. I certainly can step up, my unethical wars that are well within how the war engine is supposed to work.

Fone_Bone (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 03:21 pm Click here to edit this post
This sounds very similar to what you could do in the game "Empire"

The game updated on "ticks" of time. Each tick ~1-5 minutes depending on the speed settings of the game.

Each tick the sector would have its stats updated at a percentage of the population/military you had stationed there. If you did not have enough population to generate a full update, it would not update. Typical expansion was to spread out leaving minimal units within the sectors so that they would not generate fully. When you were ready to expand you had the computer auto move population from the first sector to the last so that within one tick you would have your entire population updated 100 plus times during this one tick.

That is just my guess based on the information I am reading. I will jump on chat and try to explain better what was happening in this older Unix game.

IndustMech (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 07:18 pm Click here to edit this post
I played Empire for about 10 years.

My GR empire is named for Empire players.

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