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Military units not being purchased properly in Empire

Topics: Problems: Military units not being purchased properly in Empire

Teh Kilrain

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 02:56 pm Click here to edit this post
Fo some time now I've been trying to order defensive forces or ammo by moderate increments in my main country (New Jack) but for days (real world days) I never noticed any supply being purchased. I thought for a while that my forces were for some reason burning through the ammo as fast as i would buy it. Turns out, when I buy arms and ammo in my main country, it was actually appearing and being purchased from the coffers of my slave country instead. That explains why my slave nation was running out of funds periodically. Oddly, if i do an immediate purchase the arms go where they're supposed to, but if I do a regular purchase from one country or the other the items go to the opposite empire member. Very inconvenient. I don't know if its a related condition either but I'm having trouble reactivating defensive forces in New Jack as well. Yesterday I reactivated defensive forces for two game smonths running, but when I checked this morning it seemed eveything had been deactivated again....


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