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CEO Controlled Company Removal from Country

Topics: Problems: CEO Controlled Company Removal from Country

Ingrid Klauswitz

Sunday, July 28, 2013 - 07:37 pm Click here to edit this post
You cannot nationalize these for some unknown reason as owner of a country...this is strange.

When you attempt to nationalize it, it says you can buy shares in order to obtain majority holder of company.

You attempt to buy shares and the game errors out saying: Your country can only buy shares of corporations you control.

Ok Andy, you really got this screwed up badly.

Give the Country owner something here...geesh, you got me screwed here no matter which way I try to get this company out of my country. I am sorry but your way of thinking makes SLAVES out of every country president to its Corporations... Mind you, if you are American I can fully see this as they are pretty much anal sucking their corporate CEOs on a daily basis but the rest of the world can and will remove companies they feel are not in the best interest of their country or a direct threat/competition to the national companies already in the country. Its a simple process to allow us to nationalize these companies.


Monday, July 29, 2013 - 04:58 pm Click here to edit this post
@Ingrid: True, in this case the president must be able to buy shares of the corporation. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

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