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Remote Depots screwing my army

Topics: Problems: Remote Depots screwing my army


Friday, May 30, 2014 - 02:13 am Click here to edit this post
I created a RD in my slave a few days ago, and has caused absolute havoc in the resupply of military forces. Land, air, even naval resupply have been halted.

The issues seem independent of county, being in both my main 'Eagle' and my slave 'The Democratic Union of Terra ebboli'

I have tried to establish a simple bug, but I simply cannot figure out what has happened.

The Navy is the most confusing, and easiest to explain. The last report came 8 months ago and was a resupply fleet returning to my naval base. I have fleets out of fuel and the system has not ordered a resupply.

This occured at the same time as my airliftings so is somehow is linked to me setting up a remote depot.

Next is several wings owned by 'Eagle' but in 'The Democratic Union of Terra ebboli' They have not received resupply despite having an RD and several supply units being airlifted to them. This is the same for SF units in 'The Democratic Union of Terra ebboli' and wings in 'eagle'

I also have several wings in 'Liberiano' These units cannot currently be resupplied due to the apparent inability to daisy chain remote depots.

Also of note, when airlifting wings to 'The Democratic Union of Terra ebboli' I was only able to choose my slaves airbases's, not my own RD, even when properly established with~600 weapons stationed there.

The RD itself also has no option to change the units that (presumably) act as its garrison. Is this intended?

Theres the context, now for specific issues:

1) Why has resuply of units stationed aboard stopped despite and RD present and the manual airlifting of supply units?
2) Is resupply over distances greater than 10000 miles possible by dasiy-chaining RD's?
3) Why has the inability for supply units to resupply units abroad also stopped units within eagle?
4) How on earth has this affected the navy resupply?
5) Why Can't I airlift to my own RD?
6) Why Can't I change the RD's garrison?
7) Is it necessary to manually airlift supply units to RD's or should they be auto airlifted when necessary?
Looking for a quick fix, thanks.

Note - I have ample supplies of gasoline, aircraft fuel, and military services/supplies, and cash for whatever ammo needs auto-ordering.


Friday, May 30, 2014 - 02:39 am Click here to edit this post
Update - a supply unit just resuplied a wing in eagle with: '1080 tons Gasoline, 5400 units Military Supplies, 162 Attack Drone Missiles' The unit had been out of fuel for ages.

This is curious as I just created some new supply units, which were (almost) immediately airlifted to my slave. The wing was resupplied by and old supply unit witch is now sat idle, after the new ones were airlifted. Nothing supply wish has changed with the navy though.

It is also curious as the wing, as with every other air wing, does not use gasoline, but aircraft fuel. A simple typo I believe as the unit was loaded with aircraft fuel.

I also found how to change the garrison, so yay.


Friday, May 30, 2014 - 04:26 pm Click here to edit this post
my cashflow looks good

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