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Income from raiding

Topics: Problems: Income from raiding


Friday, July 4, 2014 - 08:47 pm Click here to edit this post
Robocop could you please take another look at the cash recieved from conquered war lvl 7 c3s. i recently have went to war lvl 7 and found that the money difference from war lvl 6 to war lvl 7 is .10T ? war lvl 6 you get 3.6T war lvl 7 you get 3.7T is this right ? the quality difference of the def in c3s is 50 points 300 at lvl6 to 350 at lvl 7 and you have to break thru 50% more def. i have been playing for a few years now and have watched the raiding money practically go down to nothing and it seems the GMs are trying to slow down the pace of the game even more than it is now. For some this maybe fine but for myself i already have had to slow down the pace i liked to play the game by atleast half. Raiding can build huge empires in a time frame that can be much quiker and funner then just playing the econ game. For myself the game is much funner when theres more cash to go around and build with. anyways could you please recalculate/ reconsider the rewards recieved when raiding at war lvl 7, thanks.

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