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Rage Fury

Monday, October 13, 2014 - 03:59 pm Click here to edit this post
No you don't.
Read the accepted Proposal again.
"We need a place that lists every corporations supplies that are short and an option to Immediate Order at least a 2-4 month supply of the product in question for all. Something like a Master supply table would be perfect. Those of us that have hundreds of corporations, have a tedious task of going through them to ensure they are stocked, when the Markets go nuts. The recent change allowing us to set High and low water marks was a great move towards improving manageability and a change like the one above, would be outstanding addition to build on that move."

I Commented on the low water mark and the number of supplies to order. I did not propose a low water mark and number of supplies to order. I proposed a place to immediate order supplies for multiple corporations along with a Master supply table, you do not have these.
The best you got is a generalized Order Quantity and Quality table. That does not list all the supplies, nor does it show any supplies being short or in abundance.
Your water marks are great but they are not what I proposed and what was accepted, they are not a substitute for what I proposed and what was accepted.

There will be times when we need to make multiple immediate orders for multiple supply types and for multiple corporations. We know players can manipulate the markets when it fancies them, we have seen it. Then there are the game changes to production and to supply requirements and who knows what else. Maybe the immediate order will never be needed again, doubtful and most doubtful for new players. Either way, you do not have what I proposed...

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