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Military units out of supplies and gas

Topics: Problems: Military units out of supplies and gas


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 03:09 am Click here to edit this post
I have gone to war with a C3. I have sent about 20 units over seas. I have military units out of supplies. I have many air transports and ground supply support units. I have them in my own country and also in the c3 country. My ground and air units seem to have run out of gas. I have tons of gasoline, aircraft fuel and military supplies and even trucks. I also have a depot as well. Can a moderator please fix my units because they are not being supplied in any way. I cant even airlift them back because there out of gas. I need immediate help with this. An if this is my fault could you please explain what i did wrong. I have been in many wars since i am a war level 12 and have never had resupply problems. Please assist me


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 04:01 am Click here to edit this post
I seem to run into similar problems when I do an overseas deployment. In short, I simply avoid doing so anymore, whenever possible. To solve this, there are a few possibilities.

1. Depending on the type of unit, it may have a "return command" on your country's unit list. This often overcomes different type of obstacles, such as being overseas, despite it seeming implausible.

2. Finish your war. If you go back to peace, your units tend to resupply automatically, without the the need of supply units.

Good luck


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 04:41 am Click here to edit this post
These things should not happen. Especially when we pay for the services. This is a major glitch in the game. An literally needs to be fixed!!!! I have labor problem that i have never had, god forbid u don't have enough ammo in a unit or u lose the whole entire unit itself. I mean this game is really starting to blow. I almost quit a couple months ago and came back and now im thinking about doing it again. Im getting sick and tired of stupid problems and glitches. Its not even fun anymore. After awhile.... Does the moderator (andy) even care about the game.. The game use to be fun. I have never complained about the game before, and i know andy is busy but dude if u want to keep loyal players please try and fix these glitches. Even if u have to shut down the game for a day or two to fix it. We will all come back, i promise. Just fix it man.


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 11:57 am Click here to edit this post
I recall this was a common issue years ago when I played. I checked the Forum Archives, and see several cases where units failed to reload. I usually manually add additional gas & Military supplies before air travel. Mobile units do not allow increased supplies.


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 12:30 pm Click here to edit this post
War would be much easier and more enjoyable if using mobile units were optional. Toward that goal, I introduced a suggestion to simplify military logistics.

In section 1 of my bill, I've proposed allowing weapons to be fired straight from military bases. That was possible in the original war engine. Weapons, ammo, military supplies, aircraft fuel, etc. were used automatically from the country stock. Once one had bought that stuff, no logistical setup was needed.

In my bill, if a target is in range of a military base, it would be unnecessary to use a military unit to shoot weapons at that target. If the target is out of range of a military base, then one could use a military unit and move it within range. This would provide players a choice on whether to use military units and supply units at all.

Feel free to add any comments, questions, or death threats to that thread.


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 05:25 pm Click here to edit this post
Sending units home, dismantling and rebuilding used to be the quicker way than waiting for supply units.

You might want to look in detail at what your supply units are doing gmm54, and you will probably find doubling the amount of supply units you have will really help out.


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 05:40 pm Click here to edit this post
right now my supply units are idle even though units need to be resupplied. Its been 3 days


Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 05:57 pm Click here to edit this post
also, even with all the other supplies, if your out of military services your supply units wont move,

you might want to check your various military maintenance stuff



Saturday, July 4, 2015 - 08:10 pm Click here to edit this post
Orb :D


Monday, July 27, 2015 - 05:52 pm Click here to edit this post
I only see it now. I am sorry about it.

all the materials are delivered by supply units and you need many of the as they are schedules automatically to go to units where the shortages are the largest. (total of gas, military services, supplies and ammo).

also, the products they transport must be available in the country or otherwise, they cannot deliver to the units.

I am sorry we did not look into it at the time to see what case in time.

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