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Aircraft Fuel Shortages

Topics: Problems: Aircraft Fuel Shortages

Al Sadius

Friday, March 18, 2016 - 04:44 pm Click here to edit this post
I've got a bunch of air units currently immobilized due to shortages of aircraft fuel. This includes some units that are months old and have never had problems, as well as units that are brand new and should never have been able to run through their initial fuel allotment already. I have idle supply units able to re-stock them, they're all based in my own country, and I have plenty of fuel in stock, so I have no idea what the problem could be.


Friday, March 18, 2016 - 08:48 pm Click here to edit this post
I had this issue before, resolved it somehow.

Forgot how... lol

jammiebrown1978 brown

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 05:51 pm Click here to edit this post
Haven same prob


Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 05:54 pm Click here to edit this post
Does a unit use ammunition, even when the unit is not used? For some reason, my units are using ammunition and fuel while sitting still.

jammiebrown1978 brown

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 06:12 pm Click here to edit this post
Yes active units use a very small amount for training but no were near what's happn now. I have 75 supply unit and for six month's in a row they have all been deployed to resupply units. This is unprecedented.dominik, you can go to your world trade page and see what each weapons platform use's each month. I think simcounty has lost so many player's and is doing poorly therefore has changed some parameters. In order to increase the monthly cost to players there for causing them to have more reason to buy game cash/spend money.

jammiebrown1978 brown

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 06:18 pm Click here to edit this post
P.s in talking about the same units being supplied month after month. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN THE CASE UNLESS I WAS ENGAGED IN WARS!


Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 02:16 pm Click here to edit this post
I second.. or third.. this problem. No gasoline for units despite national stock and supply units being present.


Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 05:34 pm Click here to edit this post
To assist with identifying this issue, I suggest supplying the following data.


From Trade->Products in stock: buy and sell

-Stock of Aircraft Fuel
-Monthly Use of Aircraft Fuel

From Trade->Trade overview

-Aircraft Fuel, Amount of Units on order

From Trade->Order Strategy and Quality

-Order Quantity, Method (Default Months/User Months/In Units selected)
-Order Quantity, Low-Water Mark
-Order Quantity, Order Quantity (field)

Here is what I am seeing.

Country: CC2
World: LU
Stock of Aircraft Fuel: 0
Monthly Use of Aircraft Fuel: 1,266
Aircraft Fuel, Amount of Units on order: 2600
Order Quantity, Method: User Months
Order Quantity, Low-Water Mark: 12 (months)
Order Quantity, Order Quantity: 24 (months)

Please supply your data so we can identify the problem.

Al Sadius

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 12:39 pm Click here to edit this post
Country: Tyrinaria
World: WG
Aircraft Fuel Stock: 36,745,119
Aircraft Fuel Monthly Use: 717,990
Aircraft Fuel On Order: 0
Low-Water Mark: 3 months(which I'll be changing, tbh)
Order Quantity: 14 months

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