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Free Nuclear Missiles

Topics: Problems: Free Nuclear Missiles

John West

Monday, July 4, 2016 - 12:26 am Click here to edit this post
I only produce Nuclear Missiles on Fearless Blue, where I had not transported ANY Nuclear Missiles to other worlds (yet, anyway) besides Carina Space Station.

I noticed on a couple of worlds, where I produce only Nuclear Missile Batteries (which I assume are like some sort of Scud launchers, if not silos), that mysteriously I was supplied a total of 3 Nuclear Missiles (1 on one world, and 2 on another), merely for having Nuclear Missile Batteries.

So basically what I'm saying is that on the world where I had more active batteries (regardless of less total batteries), I mysteriously received double the Nuclear Missiles from an unknown source.

I first assumed it is somehow a malfunctioning effect involving default order strategies, but as those particular products are strategic items they are not on the order strategy/quantities/qualities page, and so if there is a default order strategy for those products, they can not be adjusted as they are invisible to us.

I just thought I'd point that out. . .that you can get [some] Nuclear Missiles for merely having the Batteries (although only 3 thus far, it seems I could get a few more by just activating Batteries?).

On the world where I received 1 free Nuclear Missile (I assume it was magically auto-purchased for $SC though), I have been piling up many Batteries, but have few active Batteries. On the world where I received 2 free Nuclear Missiles, I have fewer batteries, but they are all active (I noticed this as I were going to deactivate them there), with the total active Batteries there far exceeding the world where I had received only 1 Nuclear Missile.

To summarize what I am saying, although these are very few Nuclear Missiles, I was able to bypass having to have Nuclear Missile corporations (unauthorized on those two worlds) and Weapon Grade Uranium or Plutonium corporations by merely having Nuclear Missile Batteries. Indicators suggest to me, that by activating the Batteries, sometimes the Nuclear Missiles are occasionally somehow magically auto-purchased from no actually existing market.

Before I am corrected, if not obvious I think you know what I mean by "free," but I'll go ahead and clarify that I don't mean they didn't cost $SC, but that I didn't have to build them from Uranium or acquire them from other players. I thought it more fitting to call them "free" rather than "magically auto-supplied" Nuclear Missiles, but I don't know. . .whatever.

By the way, on an unrelated note, the color in the map of White Giant is still broken.


Monday, July 4, 2016 - 01:14 am Click here to edit this post
This is working as intended. You actually just bumped down a thread in which I posted the relevant game news regarding this. Check the thread about the disappearing land unit.

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