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Boosters not working

Topics: Problems: Boosters not working


Monday, July 31, 2017 - 02:14 am Click here to edit this post
Dear Game master,

I would like you to check the nations of Poletaris, Venision, Oceanica, Metalison, Altair on the world of LU.

In all those nations I decided to build large amounts of air transportation. If you look I'm also building many other corporations to. The issue is that the air transportation are only being built one at a time and yet the the boosters I bought are being used up. The booster in question is the "Build 3 Corporations per month"

I just wanted to bring it to your attention.
I'm sure its a simple error, If possible can you add the Gold Coins I lost into my account? I believe the value was about 10GC.

Thanks, Super

Sheepman RGB

Monday, July 31, 2017 - 04:44 am Click here to edit this post

Your are correct-o-mundo!

I have done alot of bitching recently about some multi dookie bag and even some sillyness! but i have ignored the same matter that you are portaining to. I know of 2 main causes:

1. Production plant/airport availability. When the plants cannot sustain required 3; 1-2 corperations a build yet the booster is used for 3. for airstransportation; this is an airport, in which the same effect occurs. However; in tandoming them(ie 3 corperations[say electronic comps, software there air transport] you may have all the production plants, but not the airport, resulting in the boost misuse.

(2 plants; check,check, 0 airports; blank[cancel]) Result: 2 corperations; 1 still waiting and a used booster

2. you know smarty :) but really what happens up there can cause a natural bug of "oddity" where if you dont build 3 corperations per month regardless of number the booster is used(IE: Build 10 corperations which is the max limit, 3 months and 3 corperations, but then the last month there only 1 so it uses the booster to build it). and sometimes when the production for such corperation is stalled(retain to above); the even say 3 corperations you plan per month may (say 9 for 3 months) may be to 2 months at 3 and 1 months at 2 due to a stall, in which then it will take another month the fix that delayed corperation, effectively wasting the booster.

3 3
3 3
3 2(stalled corporation)
0 1
Proper; Improper

Boosters used: 3;4

as said, when 3 used evenly, ofcourse 0 will be left and the booster wont be used, but if the exception occurs; the result can be very wasteful. Iv experienced this very recently to currently now. Been hard on the SC guys so i cant do much but to try to help myself in how i play.

Not that the above is theoretically based on the time that such problem can be intercepted(such as canceling the build/building more to compensate the booster)and before the plant/airport is bought similer to the time game updates and the booster is wasted.

Really though, overall this should be looked at, never realized how much of a double jeopardy this is; loose a corperation/booster from lack of plant/airport; then possibly loose one for the corperation that had to wait until the plant/airport was available, but no other corperations had to wait; so it uses a booster for 1 corperation. Totaling to 2 gold coins wasted.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 06:50 pm Click here to edit this post


Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 09:15 am Click here to edit this post
I used the same booster recently and it worked.

Please check if these countries have production plants.
There is a shortage of these and if not available, corporations are not built.
I had the same problem and had to purchase production plants in immediate mode, to make sure the process continues.

Please let me know and we will check this booster again.

You could read the same in what Sheepman wrote but it is not really clear.


Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 08:41 pm Click here to edit this post

This was almost a month ago so its hard for me to check. Also at the time I had several production plants. I always keep a few in each nation. I think because air transportation need airports and theres no way to store them that might have been an issue.

Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case something was wrong.

Sheepman RGB

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 12:38 am Click here to edit this post
My bad hahahaha, my brain register i just realized was off with the word, like it was copied. But really i ment there is a waste of game months bought with the gold coins, with a possibility that a month of the booster can have a total of 2 wasted combination ally if the circumstances are right. As said; if the airport/production plant need is not met, and say there is 1-2 already, then the boosters month has not keep its effectivity. In which the second problem occurs; if there is only 1-2 corporations on build queue; then the booster will build then and ineffectivly use the booster. In which; say the scenario:

Air transport
House hold productsl

If there is no airport, the air transport stalls for the month; but the other to go on to be built. Month 1 of effectivity wasted. Then say in a month(s) later then the airport comes avabile, but the 3 month booster still is active; in the coming month, builds the corperations; and uses the booster.

My bad seems i overlooked something stupid anyway i mean that you can easily waste 2 months of the corperation booster by a simple mistake, in which continually can add up. Not waste 2 gold coins, 2 months of the booster. Not to expensive but really i have seen it happen to me alot, its not a good time. I believe you guys should work on something that if the standard of being able to make 3 corperations is not met; simply set it to 1. That way there is no waste of the booster. Inwhich:

You might not say this is nessecary but as higher level players might have the ability to lose a few gold coins and laugh, but what about the lower level guy? wasting all his cash on glitched booster the stressed mind cant find because its worrieing/sad about how much they have wasted on buying worthless game cash. Really things like that are big to fix my boi andy, i love you bottem(No homo), and i love you been working hard getting goods together here. But as said like other things like adding weapons to attack from main base, big waste and not something people want to waste the time playing game not progressing just how to not step on the mine or step in the pothole.

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