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Documentation - Share Cash Market

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| | Rules of the Game |
| | Game Features |
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| | Countries and Continents |
| | Enterprise Corporations |
| | FAQ |
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The Cash Market

Table of Contents:

1. The Direct Trading Market
2. Nominal Value of countries and enterprises in $ US
3. Offering assets for sale
4. Bidding for assets on the market
5. The Exchange rate
6. Trading countries and Enterprises
7. Selling a Country in War
8. Offering gold coins for population
9. Automatic bidding by the gamemaster
10. Accepting bids
11. New players and the direct trading market
12. Direct Trading and multiple accounts
13. Trading Cargo Shuttles
14. Trading Aging cargo Shuttles
15. Direct Trading - Service Oriented Products
16. Direct Trading accounts must be at least two weeks old
17. Boosters
18. What types of Boosters are available now?
19. Fast upgrading of corporations
20. Faster building of corporations
21. No rebellions in a country for 12 game months
22. The Corporation's Super Booster
23. War Protection Booster

1. The Direct Trading Market [ top ]

The direct trading market in Simcountry offers the possibility to exchange game assets into other assets and game privileges.

Assets that can be traded include countries that are part of an empire, Enterprises in all worlds, Corporations and game money that the player earned while playing countries and Enterprises.

2. Nominal Value of countries and enterprises in $ US [ top ]

The nominal value of countries and Enterprises is an indication of the value of the country but it is a game assumption and does not indicate any real value nor does it give any right to receive any real $ value for these game assets. (Clicking on the nominal value will show the details of its computation).

The nominal value has several asset components. The total assets value of the country (or enterprise) is converted to a number of gold coins, based on the exchange rate in the world where the country is located.

The size of the population and specially the number that exceeds 70 million is also a factor in the value.

All values are in $ US and assume a gold coin price of $ 0.10. This is true when 360 gold coins are purchased for $ 36 but the price is higher if smaller numbers are being purchased.

The direct trading market feature allows the owners of multiple countries (empires), or multiple enterprises, to sell countries or enterprises on the direct trading market and receive payments in Gold Coins.

3. Offering assets for sale [ top ]

Several game assets can be offered for sale on the direct trading market:

  • Offer a Population Transfer, 1.000.000 in a single transaction
  • Offer a corporation in a country
  • Offer to sell a country
  • Offer to sell an Enterprise

There are some restrictions in offering assets for sale:

  • A corporation can be offered if it has a market value of 400B or higher.
  • A country can be offered for sale if it is a part of an empire and it is not the last country in the empire. It is not possible to have one country and sell it on the market.
  • An enterprise can be offered on the market if the owner has another enterprise on the same world. CEOs can have multiple Enterprises in a single world.

4. Bidding for assets on the market [ top ]

Bidders can see the whole list of offers and can bid on any of the offers within the limitations as described in this document. Bidding can take place by any player. Bids must be entered within the bidding period or otherwise the offer will show that it is closed. Any bid, must be at the same price or higher than the minimum requested amount.

The bidder can see the highest bid price but cannot see all the bids nor can he see who has made any of the bids. The bidder can contact the player who offered the asset and negotiate conditions outside the biding process.

The bidder can see the list of assets for which bids were entered and can retract any bid as long as it was not accepted. Entering bids that are not meant to end up in a purchase is risky as the offering party can accept any bid at any time and does not need to wait for the end of the bidding period.

If the bidder is exchanging gold coins for game money, the transaction will be executed with the proper exchange rate.

If the bid is for population transfer, the bidder specifies the world and country name where the population is being transferred to.

If the bid is for a country, the bidder may already have countries in the same world and in that case the country will be added to his empire. It may also be a first country in that world.

If the bid is for an Enterprise, the bidder can have up to 3 enterprises in that world as more than four enterprises are not permitted in one world. The bidder may have no enterprise and purchase his first one.

5. The Exchange rate [ top ]

The exchange rate for SC$ to a gold coin is currently about 25B. The exchange rate may change in the future, depending on the amount of money circulation in simcountry.

6. Trading countries and Enterprises [ top ]

Users who have an empire on any of the worlds, can offer some of their countries for sale. The same applies for users who have more than one enterprise in a world.

The price depends on offers by users on the market. There is a minimum price for any country or enterprise of 200 Gold Coins.

Any price is acceptable as long as it is agreed on the market. The indicative "nominal" price does not play any role in the market.

There are some additional rules:

  1. Countries and enterprises can be traded if their nominal value is higher than $ 5.0.
  2. All trading in countries and Enterprises is limited to premium members.
  3. Before a country or an enterprise exchanges hands, an extensive check take place to make sure that its condition is not changed substantially after it was offered. Cash, assets, defense indexes and other essential indexes are compared to their values at the time the object was offered on the market. If substantial reductions are discovered, the trade will be blocked.
  4. It is only possible to offer countries that are part of an empire or one of the four enterprises you own in a world.
  5. A sold country will have the expiration date of the receiving empire. Enterprises will keep their expiration date after the trade. A country that is purchased by a user who does not have any country yet, will have 30 days to expiration date.
  6. To prevent the selling of nearly expired countries with the intention of extending it when the country is sold back to the original owner, a 15 GC fee will be subtracted from all sales.

There are several conditions that may block a sale at the time of the transaction:

  1. At selling time, the bidder must have the gold coins he offered, available on his account.
  2. The country must be owned by the user who made the original offer. If conquered, the deal is off.
  3. The best bid must exceed the 200 coins minimum price.
  4. A bidder on an enterprise should not have more than three enterprises accounts are limited to a max of four enterprises per world.
  5. The offering user should not offer his last country or enterprise in any world.
  6. The nominal value must be above the minimum of $ 5 at the time of the transaction.
  7. The population must not decrease more than 5% from what it was at the time of the offer.
  8. Assets should not drop more than 10% between the time the offer was made and the time of the transaction.
  9. The education index should not decrease by more than 10%.
  10. The number of corporations should not decrease by more than 5%
  11. The total score cannot drop by more than 5%.

7. Selling a Country in War [ top ]

It is impossible to sell a country that is in war or has a war declaration against it. If at the time of the transaction there is any war declaration or an active war, the transaction will not take place.

8. Offering gold coins for population [ top ]

When offering gold coins for population, you must have all the gold coins you have offered. If the number of gold coins you have is insufficient, you will not be able to make the offers.

9. Automatic bidding by the gamemaster [ top ]

The gamemaster makes sure that there are offers for population on the market. These can be purchased but new offers will appear withing 30 to 60 minutes. These automatic offers and bids are not the most attractive ones but they guarantee that everyone can complete all outstanding offers and bids and at the same time has the freedom not to accept these automatic offers and bids and wait for better ones.

10. Accepting bids [ top ]

The player who made offers on the market can see the list of his offers and can also see all the bids made for his offer. When no bids have been entered for an offer, the player can retract his offer and remove it from the market. He can re offer that same asset for a different price and the bidding period will restart. Once a bid is entered, the offer cannot be retracted and it will end within several real days. The highest bid will be accepted.

The player who made the offer may however decide differently but must do so before the bidding period is concluded with a sale. The player can review the list of the bidders and can accept any offer he wants. The player may contact the bidders (the bidding list includes a link for direct messaging with the bidders) during that period and communicate with them about their bids, ask them to raise their bids and negotiate outside the bidding procedure.

The player, who made the offer, may decide to close the sale before the bidding period is ended and accept any of the bids on the list even if it is not the highest.

All offers will be terminated when the bidding period is ended, even if there are no bids. The player who offered the asset is free to re offer it on the market for the same minimum price or for any other price.

11. New players and the direct trading market [ top ]

New players cannot sell countries on the direct trading market and are limited to a small number of direct trading market transactions. They must become Premium Members to gain unlimited access to the direct trading market.

12. Direct Trading and multiple accounts [ top ]

To reduce the possibility of misuse of multiple accounts, it is now impossible to exchange game assets with another player (account) that has the same IP number.

13. Trading Cargo Shuttles [ top ]

Cargo Shuttles can be traded on the Direct Trading pages. There are trading possibilities both ways. You can offer a shuttle for sale or you can request to purchase a Cargo Shuttle.

Trading in cargo shuttles is within a 50% margin above or under the moving average price. The moving average is based on the last 10 transactions.

14. Trading Aging cargo Shuttles [ top ]

Trading of aged cargo shuttles is limited. When a cargo shuttle is offered for sale, the potential buyer can see how much is asked for the shuttles and how many missions it can run for the requested price. The best deal is the one that offers most shuttle missions per gold coin.

Cargo shuttles with less than 300 remaining missions cannot be offered on the market.

When asking to purchase a cargo shuttle, a player can offer one of his shuttles if it has at least 1000 remaining missions.

15. Direct Trading - Service Oriented Products [ top ]

The direct Trading feature offers a market for all service oriented products.

This group of products can also be traded on the world markets. The group includes some of the most important products in Simcountry, including Services, High Tech Services and Electric power.

These products cannot be put into a cargo shuttle to be shipped away. Buying these products means in fact, that you are contracting the services to be delivered to your countries or corporations.

They also include sport, recreation, vacation, air transport, etc.

The direct trading market includes the following functions:

1. You can instantly move products from any of your countries or enterprises to the portal and store these products on your account.
2. You can instantly move products from your account to any of your countries and enterprises.

These two functions mean that these products can be moved freely within all your empires on any of the planets. There is no physical transport involved and the movement of products means that obligation to deliver services can be reassigned easily anywhere within your account.

3. You can offer these service oriented products for sale on the direct trading market and exchange them directly into gold coins.
4. You can purchase products that are offered on the direct trading market and receive them immediately, paying with gold coins.

Trading is similar to the way game money is being exchanged on the direct trading market. Once you have bought the products, you can easily move them to any of your countries or enterprises.

The direct trading functions have an effects on the world markets where the same products are traded. Shortages in one world could easily be eliminated if there is an oversupply on another world.

Similar functionality is available with products that are trading on space stations and can be moved by cargo shuttles.

It is even simpler with the trading of service oriented products on the direct trading market.

16. Direct Trading accounts must be at least two weeks old [ top ]

Trading of products on the direct trading market is open for all accounts that are older than two weeks. The limitation was necessary to prevent misuse of the function by some players.

17. Boosters [ top ]

Boosters are special features that can be obtained for a country or a corporations to give it a special capability. The boosters function is on the menu of the simcountry home page.

18. What types of Boosters are available now? [ top ]

Increasing military spending space by 400B in one of your countries. The booster does not give you the money to spend, it just increases the amount you can spend in the current month.

You can purchase a booster for a single country and the military spending space of that country will immediately increase by 400B.

Following the purchase of the booster, you can login into the country and issue orders for weapons, using the much larger spending space. This booster should be used within several hours after it is purchased or it will disappear in the following game month.

19. Fast upgrading of corporations [ top ]

You can purchase a booster that will give you 10 corporate upgrades. The upgrades can be used in any of your corporations. They can be used in one single corporation or in several different corporations allowing a total of 10 upgrades.

Corporations now have an added link on their page that allows you to use the booster for that corporation.

20. Faster building of corporations [ top ]

Buying this booster will allow you to build faster in one of your countries or enterprises and have two extra corporations built each game month for 6 game months.

Each game month, max three of the corporations you have requested will be built instead of one. You must request the buildup of new corporations or the booster will not apply. If no new corporations are in queue, the booster will stay in waiting until the moment that new corporations are requested.

21. No rebellions in a country for 12 game months [ top ]

Buying this booster for a specific country will stop any rebellions in that country for 12 game months.

22. The Corporation's Super Booster [ top ]

This booster upgrades a single corporation to a level of 100 quality upgrades and 100 efficiency upgrades in a single action.

The starting position of the corporation does not make any difference in the way the booster works. If the corporation was already upgraded to a level of 120, the result will be the same. The corporation will be upgraded to a level of 200. (Base level of 100 and 100 upgrades). One single booster is needed to upgrade both the quality and efficiency.

The booster requires 10 GCs.

23. War Protection Booster [ top ]

This booster extends the war protection. For contributing players, a booster adds four game months of war protection. Not contributing players get three months extension.