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Documentation - Countries

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| | Rules of the Game |
| | Game Features |
| | Simcountry Dictionary |
| | Simcountry Worlds |
| | Countries and Continents |
| | Enterprise Corporations |
| | FAQ |
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Countries, Continents and Regions

Table of Contents:

1. Worlds
2. The world Features
3. Continents
4. Regions
5. Countries
6. The President or leader of the country
7. Cities and Towns in Simcountry
8. The Map of the Country
9. Country map view is optional
10. The map menu - customizing maps
11. Country maps during war
12. Miles and kilometers
13. Name and Flag
14. Repainting country maps
15. Empires - Groups of Conquered Countries
16. Empires
17. Empire Leader Country
18. Large Empires
19. Funds and population transfers within an empire
20. Messages redirected to the empire leader
21. Rebellions
22. Transfer of people between conquered countries
23. Transfer of weapons between conquered countries
24. Transfer of funds between countries across the entire account.
25. Failure of Countries and Bankruptcies
26. Un-registering conquered countries
27. Disasters and disaster relieve
28. Civil unrest
29. Education as a cause of civil unrest
30. Health as a cause of civil unrest
31. Social security as a cause of civil unrest
32. Transportation as a cause of civil unrest
33. Reinitializing Abandoned or Terminated Countries
34. Countries without a president
35. The Security Council in Simcountry
36. Resolutions
37. Security Council rules
38. Security Council Decisions
39. Security Council and the use of Nukes
40. Termination

1. Worlds [ top ]

There are currently six Simcountry worlds. Each world runs separately from the others on its own (virtual) server. Some game functions are limited to a single world. On the direct trading and direct markets and in the space game, there are many transactions between countries in different worlds. Each world has 10 continents with 3100 to 6400 countries in each world. Tiny Atlas has 677 countries.

The worlds look differently and do not resemble any areas in the real world.

All the worlds run six game months per day. The processing of the countries and their corporations with trading running at the same time, starts generally at about 5.20AM, 9.20AM and 12.20PM, 3.20PM, 7:20PM and 11:20 PM EST. Countries are processed one by one and all their corporations are evaluated and processed at the same time. The processing schedule for each country may however differ depending on system load at the time of processing.

Not all the countries can be process at the same time and depending on their location in the world they might run early in the process or a bit later. There are no advantages or disadvantages linked to the position in the world.

Trading runs alternately with the processing of the country data. The trading process handles one product at a time. It collects all the requests and offers for one product, matches them depending on the way they have been offered (Market price fixed price etc) and executes the matched trades immediately. During this month process, each product is traded 6 to 8 times. Each trade session processes the products that are available on the market at that point in time.

2. The world Features [ top ]

The game features on Kebir Blue, White Giant, Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon are identical. Fearless blue is the war world and has different settings that encourage the war game. Tiny Atlas is a small and rather empty world and building a country there, requires large transports of products from the other worlds. There is no open market on Tiny Atlas. All trading is by direct contracts between countries and enterprises.

The main difference between Fearless Blue and all other worlds is that Secured mode is not available on Fearless Blue and all countries participate in the war game. New players on the Fearless Blue world, have 60 days to prepare. They are then moved to war level 3 and participate in the war game.

It happens earlier, if these players fight wars against C3 countries and reach war level 3 earlier. Temporary war protection remains an option on all six worlds. war protection can last as long as the player wants it but requires gold coins. Fearless Blue gives gold coin awards to players who win wars and are increasing their war levels.

Kebir Blue is smaller than all others. Fearless Blue is a much larger world, more than 6000 countries, and is the war world. White giant is the largest of the worlds and has the largest markets and many players. Golden rainbow and Little Upsilon are smaller but similar to both Kebir Blue and White Giant.

3. Continents [ top ]

Continents like in our own world are large land areas surrounded by oceans. There are 10 continents in each world. Each of the continents has a name and it is divided into many regions.

4. Regions [ top ]

Each continent is a collection of regions that border each other. Regions are large areas of land and each region includes several dozens of countries. All regions have their own names and many users tend to occupy part of one region together with friends to create groups of countries that can support each other in times of war.

5. Countries [ top ]

A Country in a Simcountry world has the size of a small state in the US. The population starts at arounbd 22 million people but it grows with time. It can also grow fast if the economy is doing well and people are moving from other countries. Large population transfers are possible on the direct trading market and population can grow very fast up to 300 million or even in some cases to 600 millions..

Fast growth may cause financial problems, education issues, employment etc. There are currently some countries with a population of more than 300 million but such population cannot be achieved by natural growth. These countries received population transfers that originated in the direct trading market where it is possible to purchase population and transfer to your country.

A country in the game, like a real one in our world, needs an education system, health system, transportation etc. It needs defense (although it is possible to play a peaceful game), a strong economy with corporations that employ many people. The corporations will pay salaries, and they pay taxes that will hopefully pay for all the required facilities.

6. The President or leader of the country [ top ]

You play this game as a president or leader of an empire. You can control developments in your country. There are many pages showing details about education, health, defense and war situation and many more pages about your economy. The employment in your country, trade agreements with other players, federations and common markets you may become member of etc.

Players may decide to set up empires on more than one worlds and build considerable assets.

There are many ways you can influence what is going on. You can build more hospitals and as a result, health care will improve. But do you have the money to build hospitals? Do you have the doctors and nurses needed to run it when it is built and do you have the money to pay their salaries every month after that?

You might be able to add several hospitals but may not have enough doctors or nurses to build the number of hospitals you need. You may need to change the education priorities so that more doctors and nurses will graduate from your universities. When these professionals are available, you will be able to build more.

The same applies to the education system. You can add more schools but many times not as many as needed for excellent education. You need excellent education if you want to get to the top of the players list. So you need more teachers. The education priorities page is probably the most important page in Simcountry.

There are many things you can improve and you need a lot of money to make these things happen. You need a large and successful economy that will earn you the money you need to do what you think is right.

You are the president and you will have to decide whether to change the corporate taxes, or buy weapons to protect your country against players who are out to destroy what you have achieved.

You cannot expect to be able to do all this directly. Building an army takes time. Building a strong economy takes a logn time. Driving your economy is like steering a huge tanker. You must start turning the wheel long before you want it to turn.

Your country will grow fast to about 30 to 40 million people. There are many children, and they go to schools and universities; many people are retired, unemployed or disabled and receive government support and pensions. Many work of course; each country has 25 to 400 very large corporations.

The game is running 6 game months in one real day. This means that when you look at your country the next day, the date is moved by a couple of months. The current world date shows on the screen.

During the month run, 6 times each day, Simcountry is computing how many babies were born and how many people are in each age group. Employment numbers, school children numbers are recomputed too. Also corporation's profit and losses are processed once a game month.

Trading and delivery of products is on-going all the time. This does not mean that everything you buy or sell will be handled directly. Generally, if the products are available they will be handled within hours.

We advise you not to start changing everything at once. Start by looking at your schools because you will need more than you have at the start to make it work. Look at the education and education priorities. Read some of the hints showing on the pages and you will get an idea of what is going on.

And what happens if you are doing nicely and then go on vacation? Does it mean your country will decline or be attacked while you are out?

Not necessarily. You can automate some of the functions and everything will run by itself. We do not promise you the very best automatic decisions but it will run reasonably. If you are a beginner, your country will probably be in secured mode and cannot be attacked. If you have chosen for the full game, including the war part, it remains possible to turn on temporary war protection and prevent war while you are away.

If you want the system to do something for you automatically, you must ask for it and set the automatic system on! Do not forget that or otherwise these functions will not work, including your defense.

You can also decide to leave the automatic defense on and let it defend your country while you are not available. If you want the automatic defense to do a good job, setup defense units, air defense units etc. The automatic defense system will defend your countries with the weapons and military units they have. It will not setup military units and it will not attack anyone, just defend. It is far better to turn on the temporary war protection, as the automatic defense is always weaker in face of a strong attack.

If you are in secured mode, no war will ever take place.

7. Cities and Towns in Simcountry [ top ]

The numbers of cities and towns depends on the population of the country. The numbers increase with the population. Countries with a very large population have many cities and crowded maps.

The management of the country maps becomes more complex with larger population numbers and more items on the maps. With population growth, cities become larger, absorbing much of the population growth. The number of cities grows too but at a slow pace.

8. The Map of the Country [ top ]

The home page of each country shows the current map. The map shows the capital city and many other cities. It shows roads, rail, military bases, corporations and army units deployed around the country. If your country is at war, and some areas are occupied by an enemy these areas, or zones, are painted red.

The maps are limited in size and may become very crowded with many military objects and army units, many corporations and cities. You can decide which objects you want to have on the map and you may decide not to show some of them.

It is possible to move objects on the map (not in time of war), and decide, object by object whether to show them on the amp or not.

Clicking on map items will show details. There is also a large map available, the link is above the map on your country home page and it shows everything in more details.

9. Country map view is optional [ top ]

Showing the country map is optional. The setting link on the country home page has several other options. It includes the option to make the map invisible. The feature is intended for the president only. Visitors to the country home page will always see the map.

10. The map menu - customizing maps [ top ]

All the available map management features are in the Maps menu on the country home page. The features allow presidents to customize the way their country maps look. Presidents are able to show a chosen percentage of their roads and railroads. They are able to move cities, corporations, military bases etc.

It is also be possible to decide on the numbers of visible bases and military airports.

The icons on the maps that show cities, corporations etc. have a set of variations to choose from.

Moving objects on the map by an easy point and click method. You can decide whether to show or remove them from the map.

Both the small map and the "zoom in" larger map can be modified using the same click and point method.

It is also possible to repaint the maps on command and change the percentage of roads and railroads you want to see. It is also recommended to repaint the map when cities or corporations or other objects have been moved.

Icons for individual items on the maps can be changed, choosing them out of a list of available icons.

11. Country maps during war [ top ]

When a country is at war, all standard map objects appear on the country map.

Relocation of items on the map is blocked when war is declared. The blockade is for both parties involved in the war declaration.

12. Miles and kilometers [ top ]

We sometimes write miles and sometimes kilometers. We hoped that people in the US and other "miles countries" will read the miles sections and others the kilometers sections. (Just joking).

In fact, it does not matter. The numbers can be seen as both. If you count in miles, your country seems bigger and missiles and airplanes go further but reach the same targets. If you count kilometers, your world is smaller but with no consequences, as everything looks the same.

13. Name and Flag [ top ]

The name of your country can be changed and you can upload a new flag and a new picture of the president. All these functions are on the setting page. The link is on the country home page and in the menu. Uploading offensive pictures will result in removal of the pictures or even removal of the country.

14. Repainting country maps [ top ]

When you add roads or military bases or when cities grow with the population growth, maps are repainted. It is however impossible to repaint all country maps very frequently and repainting is done once in several days. It means that a new corporations may not show on the map directly when completed but sometime later.

You are however free to use the repaint function yourself and repaint the map whenever you want.

15. Empires - Groups of Conquered Countries [ top ]

A country can conquer another country in war. It may conquer many countries and create an empire. Conquering a country has an advantage in defense and an economic advantage, as these countries are able to support each other. It is also possible to trade conquered countries on the direct trading market.

If you want to build an empire but you are not interested in a war, it is possible to purchase countries without a president for 30 to about 300 gold coins (the link is on the home page of that country). You can also purchase countries from other player, on the direct trading market. The cost of purchasing a country without a president, depends on the number of natural resources that are available in the country.

16. Empires [ top ]

When you have more than one country in a single world, we call it an empire. The country can be purchased or conquered. Either way, you end up being an empire leader.

Several empire pages are available in Simcountry. They show information on all the countries in the empire, The bottom line shows the average for all the countries (indexes) or the totals for all the countries (products and weapons).
All the empire pages are accessible from the top of the page menu.

17. Empire Leader Country [ top ]

All empires have a leader country. The leadership position is showing on the home page of the country. Other countries show a message that indicates that the country is a member of an empire.

Clicking on the empire button on the home page shows the empire page with all the countries that are part of it.

You can choose the leader country of the empire.

Changing the empire leader has consequences for awards, as the leader country is the only one competing for awards. Voting for boycotts is also open for the empire leader only. The listing of countries in the top 300 and its ranking in general, shows the empire leaders only. All other countries in the empire are listed at the end of the country list.

Changing the empire leader can be repeated once per 10 game months.

Most players make the country with the highest score in the empire as a leader, and increase the chance of receiving an award.

The hall of fame too, shows the leading country only.

18. Large Empires [ top ]

Very large empires are hard to manage. The finance situation of such empires can become difficult due to increasing government cost. We recommend that you keep your empire at under 15 countries.

19. Funds and population transfers within an empire [ top ]

It is possible to transfer cash between countries in an empire. The source country must have enough "net cash" to transfer. Net cash is cash less the debt of the country.

It is also possible to move up to 1.000.000 people per game month, between countries in empires. The population of the source country cannot be reduced under 30.000.000. The population of the target country cannot be increased above 100.000.000.

20. Messages redirected to the empire leader [ top ]

Some of the messages countries receive are automatically redirecting to the empire leader.

Example: Contract offers must be accepted. The empire leader receives the message with the name of the country where the contract is offered.

The leader must go to the contract acceptance page of that country and accept the contract.

21. Rebellions [ top ]

The situation in a conquered country depends on the will of the empire president to build the economy.

The initial period of about 5 years after a country is conquered, is quiet. People do not start rebellions but rather give the empire leader a chance. Following that period, the chance that a rebellion will start depends on the welfare in the country and the performance of the conquering country in the past years.

The chance may be small if the welfare index of the conquered country is very high and may be much larger if the welfare index is low. Rebellions will start in all cases but may be rare and mild.

The damage caused by rebellions increases with time. The first five attacks may be light and hit one or two corporations. Following attacks will become larger and will cause more damage.

The conditions for a rebellion in a conquered country are:

If there are more than 5 conquered countries, the chance that a rebellion will hit each corporation is 50 * the number of conquered countries / welfare index

Example: If the welfare index is 120, the country is occupied longer than 5 game years and there are 12 conquered countries the chance for a rebellion is 50 * 12 / 120 = 5%. The chance that a corporation will be hit is 5%.

Rebellions do not affect private and public corporations. Rebellions only damage state and national corporations and leave CEO owned corporations untouched.

22. Transfer of people between conquered countries [ top ]

Countries that belong to the same empire can transfer people between them. Transfers are limited to 200.000 people per game month but can take place by each member of the group separately. The setup of the group of people being transferred depends on the population of the source country.

If 1 of 100 people in the source country is a teacher, then 1 in 100 of the people moving to another country will be a teacher. The same applies to all groups and they are taken from all age groups.

Transfers are not possible if the receiving country has more than 100.000.000 people. Transfers are also not possible if the source country ends up with less than 30.000.000 people.

23. Transfer of weapons between conquered countries [ top ]

Countries in an empire can transfer weapons between them. This option represents a big advantage in case of war. As ordering weapons may take several months to complete, weapon transfers are immediate and the weapons are directly operational.

A group of 5 or 10 countries transferring weapons into one of them can enhance the military capabilities of that country to a very high level. This is also the reason that such transfers are limited in size. The limitation is based on the spending limit of the receiving country. If the value of the transferred weapons is higher than the available spending space for weapons, the exchange is limited.

24. Transfer of funds between countries across the entire account. [ top ]

Transfers take place by use of the direct trading functions.

25. Failure of Countries and Bankruptcies [ top ]

It is quite easy to make countries in the game, profitable.
When the player takes very good care of the economy, the country can be very profitable and provide a lot of cash for expansion.

Although hard to fail, it is also possible to let the country go bankrupt. Countries that fail are declared bankrupt and the president loses them.

When a country is considered close to bankruptcy, control is in fact taken over by an automatic procedure and it makes an effort to fix the finances.

When even that fails, the country will bankrupt. This does not happen frequently.

Country "Close to bankruptcy"

When a country has negative cash it should fix it quickly. When cash is going under -1 trillion or the value of its materials becomes negative, it is considered close to bankruptcy. At that stage an automatic procedure will try to save it.

How to get out of this condition

Transfer money from the account to the country and make it cash positive. The money can originate from another country in the account.
Take a loan for the country. The loan can be taken elsewhere and the money can be moved to the failed entity.

A country is also considered close to bankruptcy if the value of its materials is negative.
Negative value of materials means that the country has severe shortages of all kinds of materials including materials the population needs to survive.
Such shortages cause MANY people to leave the country and the population will decline..

What causes such severe shortages: The player can stop automatic orders to cut the spending. Also cash shortages (cash under -4 trillions) will stop all orders by the country and materials will go short. If cash is very low, a country cannot place orders.

How to fix this: Take loans, and let the country place orders to resolve the shortages.
Move money into the country and make it cash positive. It will immediately start placing orders for the materials it needs. You may need to move more money into it to continue the ordering until all shortages are resolved. Migration from the country will decline quickly.

What happens if the automatic procedure take over?

If the country is nearly bankrupt, an automatic procedure will start fixing what can be fixed.
Salaries will decline, reducing the cost for government and corporations.
The education will be tuned and workers and professionals will become available in numbers that will allow more hiring. If there are enough workers, new and profitable corporations will be set up to reduce unemployment and increase production.
Education health and transportation will be fixed slowly (if needed). The army will quickly go into the reserves, reducing cost and freeing workers for the economy.

As a result, costs will decline, income will increase and the country will (may be), become profitable. The procedure will take some time to produce results.
When in a very bad shape, the procedure will be take a long time to complete. You can shorten it by moving cash into the country.
The procedure will continue as long as the country is close to bankruptcy.

How can you stop the automatic repair and regain control?

The procedure can be stopped by fixing the "Close to bankruptcy" conditions as described before.

Countries in very large empires may be harder to fix because government cost remains relatively high. You can also stop the correction process in the settings option.


When the country assets are negative, the country is in fact bankrupt. Country assets include all cash and loans, the value of corporations and shares the country owns in public corporations, all the materials the country owns, government facilities, and all army assets. The assets show in details on the financial pages under "Assets".

If all fails, and the country assets remain negative for a period of more than four weeks, the country will bankrupt. A message is showing on the country home page, warning of pending bankruptcy and showing the number of game months before termination of the country.

What happens at bankruptcy of a country in an empire?

The country will be terminated. The amount of negative assets is inherited by the main country in the empire.
Your empire can continue with the other countries but will have to take care of the inherited debt.

What happens at bankruptcy if the country is the last one you have in the entire account?

The country is gone. you can immediately start fresh with another country. The debt is forgiven.

There are warnings about "close to bankruptcy" and Bankruptcy conditions.

The notification system has specific warning for such conditions. You can set up such notifications and you will receive messages that will allow you to login and fix the failing country.

There are notifications for both "Close to Bankruptcy" conditions and for

"Approaching Bankruptcy" showing you that the 28 days period before bankruptcy has begun. Bankruptcy happens in very small number of countries only.

26. Un-registering conquered countries [ top ]

The leader of an empire may decide to un-register one or more of the countries in the empire. Upon termination, the country will be removed from the empire and will be initialized and made available for a new player. During termination, if the country has any negative assets, the main country in the empire will inherit such negative assets.

Make sure you remove any "removable" assets such as cash and possibly some materials from the country before you terminate it.

27. Disasters and disaster relieve [ top ]

Countries can be hit by natural disasters that can have an effect on the economy. They also cause many casualties, force people out of their homes and sometimes into neighboring countries.

Some of the disasters can have some effect on neighboring countries such as large earthquakes that have an effect on a larger area and nuclear or radiation events that can contaminate large areas including some in neighboring countries.

Following a disaster, countries need emergency resources that can be prepared ahead of time to make it possible to handle such events but relieve supplies can also be flown in by others who are providing their emergency resources.

Disaster relieve resources include everything a country may need depending on the specific event. It includes food and fuel supplies, temporary housing, field hospitals and schools and some other resources.

Resources have to be flown in using transport aircraft that have a limited capacity and the number of flights depends on the quantity and type of resources that are provided. Sending hospital over or food for one month for 50.000 displaced people will require a number of flights and aircraft capacity must be available.

Sending emergency resources to help other countries requires cargo aircrafts. These aircrafts fly once each (game) day and can transport up to 50 tons of emergency supplies.

If many resources must be sent and the number of cargo airplanes is small, a backlog can be created and goods will not move immediately.

Data on events, resources and the logistics of moving them is available on the disasters pages.

Countries may agree to return resources when they are not needed any more or the parties may decide to leave them in the receiving countries. Large assets like hospitals may be returned and materials that have been used may be forgiven or the receiving country can provide similar quantities back to the countries that were involved.

The effect of disasters depends on their severity and on the specific event. Disasters cause death, displacement of people, damage to the infrastructure etc.

A player can decide not to do anything about a disaster and just leave the event unattended. It will cause some economic damage that can be fixed by building several new corporations and other structures that were damaged, and it will cause many casualties that can be compensated for by movement of people from another country or by natural growth of the population. The effects of a disaster will abate and the problem will disappear.

Interested users can however play the disaster feature in Simcountry by creating relief resources and the logistics that is needed to move these resources to the places where they are needed and cooperate with others to make it work fast and prevent the potential full effect of such an event.

Disasters will never take place when a country is unattended. There is no need to check your country more frequently to prevent it from falling apart. It will not happen.

28. Civil unrest [ top ]

Civil unrest occurs if countries are very rich but keep health, education, transportation and social security low or if countries are poor but increase education or health etc. to very high levels to gain score points. Civil unrest in unlikely to take place in any country. It is intended to deter extreme situations that do not make any economic sense.

29. Education as a cause of civil unrest [ top ]

If a country has a financial index higher than 180 but keeps the education index lower than 60, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (60/education index) /(180/financial index).

All types of corporations can be the target of a rebellion.

30. Health as a cause of civil unrest [ top ]

If a country has a financial index higher than 180 but keeps the health index lower than 50, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (50/health index) /(180/financial index). If the health index is 40 and the financial index is 270, the chance for damage in each corporation is 1.9%.

If a country has a financial index lower than 70 but keeps the health index higher than 170, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (health index/170) / (financial index/70). If the health index is 200 and the financial index is 35, the chance for damage in each corporation is 2.4%.

All types of corporations may be the target of a rebellion

31. Social security as a cause of civil unrest [ top ]

If a country has a financial index higher than 180 but keeps the social security index lower than 45, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (45/social security index) /(180/financial index). If the social security index is 30 and the financial index is 270, the chance for damage in each corporation is 2.25%.

If a country has a financial index lower than 70 but keeps the social security index higher than 80, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (social security index/80) / (financial index/70). If the social security index is 100 and the financial index is 35, the chance for damage in each corporation is 2.5%. All types of corporations may be the target of a rebellion

32. Transportation as a cause of civil unrest [ top ]

If a country has a financial index higher than 180 but keeps the transportation index lower than 60, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (60/transportation index) /(180/financial index). If the transportation index is 30 and the financial index is 270, the chance for damage in each corporation is 3%.

If a country has a financial index lower than 70 but keeps the transportation index higher than 180, it will experience civil unrest. The chance per corporation to be hit by civil unrest is: (transportation index/180) /(financial index/70). If the transportation index is 360 and the financial index is 35, the chance for damage in each corporation is 4%.

All types of corporations may be the target of a rebellions.

33. Reinitializing Abandoned or Terminated Countries [ top ]

Countries that become free after termination are automatically initialized. The initialization procedure takes up to 15 game months to complete and after completion, the country becomes free and available for a other members.

During the termination process, many of the country parameters are reset to their original value. This applies to the population numbers, education, health and a very large number of other parameters.

Some parameters are harder to reinitialize. Loans must be paid back because each loan has a loan provider that may be another country and that country should not incur any damage resulting from the termination process.

It is also not possible to terminate some of the corporations in the country. Some of the corporations may be privately owned and it is not reasonable to terminate such private corporations. The result may be that a country with a new president and a population of 20 millions will have a large industry with shortages of workers.

The private corporations in the country are better positioned to try and get the workers they need and survive the decline in the industry.

34. Countries without a president [ top ]

Each world in the game has many countries without a president. These countries are free and available for new players who may register and become the leader of such countries. The countries have a profitable economy and give the new president an reasonable start position.

Free countries are run automatically by the automatic game procedure. The procedure makes an effort to keep the economy of these free countries at a reasonable level, achieve high employment by the creation of new corporations and maintaining a good level of defense. The automatic system will never create a winner. It keeps these countries at a reasonable level.

35. The Security Council in Simcountry [ top ]

Each world in Simcountry has a security council. The members of the Security Council are presidents of countries that have won a first place in their world. Each SC member will remain in the Security Council for 6 (real) months.

The Security Council has 15 members, all different players. Any double membership is cancelled and the number of members will be increased by random choice of countries.

A country president can be chosen if he is an active player, meaning that he has logged in very recently. Randomly chosen Security Council members will stay for two real months. They may be chosen again immediately by the same random process but that is unlikely.

Security Council members can cancel their membership. If any player is not interested in being a member, he/she can cancel the membership and will be removed immediately.

The random process can put these members back into the council but the chance is not very high and they are free to remove themselves again.

The random process will check the membership in the council each game month. If the number is lower than 15, it will add one member. If membership is very low, filling up the council up to 15 members may take several game months.

The SC members can bring up proposals for a general vote. Only proposals that have been accepted in the SC will be brought up for a general vote.

The SC needs a majority of votes for a proposal to be accepted. Any four members of the SC can together block a decision from moving to a general vote.

A proposal that was accepted by the council becomes a resolution. Resolutions are put to a vote by all countries and can be accepted by a simple majority.

All members (all countries) pay the SC a fee that depends on the population of the country. The fee is 100 million per 5 millions in population. The population is rounded up to a 5 million multiply. A country with a population of 7 million is paying 200 million per game month. A country with a population of 32 million, pays 700 million per game month.

The use of the money is subject to resolutions by the council and the members.

36. Resolutions [ top ]

There are several types of resolutions that can be proposed and voted upon.

Resolution against any country - preventing it from having nuclear weapons

Council members can submit proposals for a ban on nuclear weapons against any country. If the proposal is accepted by the council, it becomes a resolution before the general members. If it is voted for and accepted as a resolution, it will forbid a country from buying such weapons. Any violations of the resolution will be announced in the world newspaper. All transactions will be shown on the security council pages with the name of the country that have sold such weapons against the resolution.

Resolution against a country - forbidding it from having nuclear materials (Plutonium and Uranium)

The resolution forbids the setup of production facilities for Uranium and Plutonium that can be used for the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

Resolution enforcing a peace treaty

The members can adopt a resolution that enforces a peace treaty between two warring countries. If a war is going on, it will be stopped and a peace treaty will be enforced for a period of 90 months.

Resolution on Development aid to a country.

The council can accept a proposal and submit for a vote by the members, a resolution to support a country by giving it an amount of money between 1 and 5 T. The money must be available to the council at the time it is given and if the money is not available, execution of the resolution will be delayed until the amount becomes available from the monthly contributions.

37. Security Council rules [ top ]

New members of the Security Council receive a mail message, informing them that they have been chosen to the SC. Members can decide how they want to be notified about pending decisions of the SC. They can receive a mail message or an in game message. Depending on their choice, they will receive a message and are expected to login and vote. Members of the security council also receive an email when they are considered inactive.

When the SC is calling for all players to vote on a resolution, all players receive an in game message informing them about the pending resolution and are requested to vote.

The security Council can decide to give financial support to a country. The members can not provide financial support to any player who is a member of the SC. It is also impossible for the SC to give financial support to countries that are in game level 3 or higher or have more than 20 T in game assets.

Members of the SC are expected to be active players. When a member of the SC does not login a notification will be mailed.

38. Security Council Decisions [ top ]

When a voting on a Security Council decision is accepted, it takes about one hour before such decision is processed and executed. One hour is about six game days. The processing takes place at the top of the hour and is concluded within seconds so depending on the date, the execution could be even faster.

We would all hope that the UN Security Council in NY would ever achieve such tremendous execution time for its decisions.

39. Security Council and the use of Nukes [ top ]

The Security Council can take direct action and forbid the use of nuclear weapons by any country for a period of one (real) month. The Security Council can take this action without the need for a general vote.

40. Termination [ top ]

A president may decide to terminate his/her country. Termination is irreversible. It should be done only if you are sure you will not ever play this country again. The president can terminate a country but termination can also originate with the game, terminating a country under some conditions. does not easily decide to terminate a country mainly because such termination is irreversible. The reasons for termination are mainly multi-playing. There are always some users who try to gain an advantage by registering more than one account in the game. Another reason is the publication of offensive materials, pictures and names on country pages.

Termination can also be the result of bankruptcy. This nearly never happens. If a country accumulates very large loans and its cash position is showing a large shortage while the country is continuing to make large losses each game month, it may lead to termination.

When a country is terminated, its assets are transferred into a special account and then given to the leader country in the empire, 1 trillion per game month until all the money is given to that country. If the amount is negative, the main country will pay the balance, at 1 Trillion per game month until all is paid back. Negative amounts are limited to 5 Trillions.