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Documentation - Simcountry Game Features

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| | Rules of the Game |
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| | Countries and Continents |
| | Enterprise Corporations |
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Simcountry Game Features

Table of Contents:

1. User account
2. User Communications
3. Game settings
4. Secured Mode
5. Scores and awards
6. Population
7. Population Growth in Countries
8. Countries with very large population
9. Education
10. Employment
11. Pending workers
12. Salaries
13. Salaries in Computer Controlled Countries
14. Government salaries
15. Automatic Updating of Government Salaries
16. High-level workers
17. Finance
18. Transportation
19. General Government Functions
20. Government Cost
21. Optimizing production in your corporations
22. Boycott
23. The Voting System

1. User account [ top ]

When you register to the game you create a user account. You then become the leader of a country in one of the worlds.

As you continue playing, you will be able to reserve more countries and enterprises and add them to your account. All your game assets will be part of the account.

Maintaining the account
Public Profile
Building your own web pages

Maintaining the account

Users enter data into the account and can change it later. The information includes passwords and email address, secret question and answer etc.

Public Profile

Each user has a 'public profile'. The Public Profile determines how other players will see you. The profile is created during registration. You can always login and update your Public Profile. You can choose to use your real name or you can choose a different name.

2. User Communications [ top ]

There are several ways for players to communicate with each other and to make suggestions and vote on new features they would like to see added to the game.

List of online users
Simcountry Communication - The Forum
Simcountry Communication - live chat
Auto login in the chat system
Simcountry Communication - In game messages
Voting in Simcountry

List of online users

It is possible to see who is on line. The page shows presidents and CEOs separately. On the same page, it is possible to turn the feature off. Your name will not appear on the list if you choose to hide it.

Simcountry Communication - the Forum

Players can post messages on various Forum Topics. Every player can read and respond to the messages posted. You can also start your own conversations and others may participate.

The forum is open for members who are running at least one country or an enterprise. It may take a day before you are able to join the forum.

Simcountry Communication - live chat

Members can participate in live discussions with others. There are several chat rooms and communication is direct with participants that are logged into a chat room at the same time.

Simcountry Communication - In game messages

Members can send messages to each other from any country or enterprise they own. The messages can be used game wide.

Voting in Simcountry

Voting is open for all players. It is possible to put issues for voting and any member can participate.

The voting period is 7 days and any subject will stay on the list for three weeks. Any player can put an issue for voting and as long as that issue is on the list, it is impossible for the same player to start another vote.

W3creative checks the results of voting and reacts to all accepted suggestions that have been voted on.

A suggestion will be removed if they are not relevant or counterproductive or contains bad language.

3. Game settings [ top ]

Automation system

Automation system

When you join the game, your country has been running for some time already. Many of the functions, have been automated and the economy, defense and government are managed by an automatic process.

As president, you can stop the automatic systems and do everything yourself. Check the automation page.

The automation page has many functions that allow you to make your own choices.

It is however important that some vital functions like purchasing products you need or defending your country are set on when you are out of town or not playing the game for some time.

Some of these features are turned off when you take certain actions yourself. For example, when you decide to move weapons around and set up a defense for a city or a factory in your country, the automatic defense system is turned off or otherwise it will rearrange your weapons again within a short period later.

There are many options to set automatic functions for the country but also for each corporation you own. You can leave these setting for later when you are more experienced.


When other users look around into countries in the world, they may view your home page and many details of your country or enterprise. They cannot make any changes but they might look at your defenses, your financials and they may assess the chances of waging a successful war against you.

It is possible to turn secrecy on for some of your pages. When this is done, others will not be able to view the information.

The secrecy page is part of the Game setting menu and the setting link on the country home page. (and in the menu).

4. Secured Mode [ top ]

Simcountry ensures the security of assets for all players and offer war protection features to any players who are not interested in the war game. War is an important feature in the game and any of the war protection features can be turned off by anyone who does not want to use them.

The Fearless Blue world does not have the Secured Mode features and there is always a risk of a war. Players on all worlds can always turn temporary war protection on and prevent war. The Secured Mode feature protects the leader country in each empire. Single countries are considered to be leader countries and are also protected.

Secured mode is important to reduce the risk to many players, both new and experienced.

Hard playing is possible on all worlds as an option, not the default. Empire leaders and single countries will be in secured mode unless they choose to remove their own protection.

Warlords do have a place in the game. The war game remains part of all worlds. It is played by everyone on Fearless blue and by every player who wants it, on all other worlds.

All leader countries in Kebir Blue, White Giant, Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon are automatically placed in secured mode. Presidents of all "single" countries are also protected. A country in secured mode cannot be attacked by anyone. There is no war and no sneak attacks.

A country in secured mode can wage war against a country that does not have a president (Computer Controlled Country or as frequently referred to as C3). A country in secured mode cannot attack any country with a president.

Secured countries can be members of federations and participate in the defense but i they do not go to war as a result of any decision by the empire and they do not engage in war as a result of a war treaty. Only the leader country can be in secured mode. Other countries in empires are never in secured mode. There is no secured mode on FB.

Players can turn temporary war protection on for some of their other countries or for their entire empire and can choose to leave some or all of their "satellite" countries without war protection.

Turning secured mode on and off

Turning the secure mode on or off is limited

The reason is that countries in secured more are able to build an army. They can purchase many weapons and prepare for war. Most of them will use these weapons to supply their satellite countries but some can decide to arm and then drop the secured mode and attack others who are not prepared and are in fact ambushed by the change of mode.

This is why a change from secured mode is only possible if all weapons the country has are activated (no reserves) and the combined offensive and strategic indexes of the country are at a level of less than 300.

The change from secured mode does not enable the leading country to start a large war and it does not pose an immediate danger to any other country.

Under such conditions, a leader can decide to turn off the secured mode. Such a decision has consequences because the country becomes vulnerable. Temporary war protection can be used but the decision to turn the secured mode off will probably be taken if the leader country wants to go to war.

Secured mode can be turned on again. A country can turn on its secured mode if it is not engaged in war (Except for a war with a C3 country), and only if it has not been in secured mode for at least two game months.

Changing the empire leader

When an empire wants to change the leader country, the change will involve a change in the country that is in secured mode. The new leader country must not be engaged in war when the change occurs (except for a war against a C3 country). When the leader country is changed, the new leader automatically moves into secured mode. The outgoing leader will loose its secured status simultaneously.

If the departing leader country was in secured mode, the change is only possible if the conditions for mode change are met. If the departing leader is not in secured mode, the incoming leader will also have no secured mode and the change is only subject to the minimum waiting period between such changes.

Switching leadership is only possible once in two weeks.

New players in secured mode

The Role of Leader Countries

Leader countries, both empire leaders and single countries are the main locations to create and store valuable assets. These are strategic reserves, materials that are used in the empire, raw materials that are used in corporations, weapons and ammunition that can be delivered to other countries in the empire.

Storing materials and assets in the leader country eliminates the risk for these assets and makes long-term investments and planning much more reliable.

5. Scores and awards [ top ]

Every Simcountry player has a game score that shows how good she is doing. The score is a number in the range of 0 to 8000.

The users with the highest scores are showing on the 300 best presidents list and the 100 best CEOs list in each world. The best users in each world on the last day of the month, receives an award. Many awards are also given to player who reach higher game levels.

Awards winning limitations
Level Awards - More Information
Award payments
Computing the country score
Score list and rank
Score of conquered countries


Awards are paid in Gold Coins. Gold coins can be used to obtain assets and privileges in the game.

The best 10 to 20 presidents and the best 5 to 15 CEOs in each world receive awards. Awards range between 15 and 200 gold coins and may increase or decline with the number of players in each world.

Awards winning limitations

After winning and accepting an award, a score reduction is applied to all players who accepted their awards. (first place awards are accepted automatically). Players can receive multiple awards in a single month.

When a player receives an award for a high rank as a president or an Enterprise CEO, the award is accompanied by an award penalty (score reduction). The reduction in the score is intended as a way to reduce the score of high award winners and allow others to win awards in the following months.

The score reduction is very significant for the highest award and smaller for smaller awards. You can see your award penalty on the country main page. (the score link).

The award penalty becomes larger if the player accepts more awards. If awards are refused, the penalty for the refused awards does not apply. If any award in any of the worlds is accepted, the score reduction is applied to all the countries and enterprises that are owned by the player in all the worlds. The score penalty is reduced by 5 points each day and its influence on the score will wane in time.

Game Level Awards - More Information

1. Game Level Awards do not replace monthly awards. They are unrelated and do not influence each other. Monthly awards will increase with the number of players in Simcountry.

2. Every time you get to a higher game level in any of the worlds, you will receive Gold coins. Getting to level 4, falling back to 3 and then back to 4, will not win you an award. You must get to level 5 to win an award. If you have countries in multiple worlds and move up the levels in another world, you will win in each world.

3. Level 1 does not win any award.

4. Level awards are given within 5 hours after you reach a higher level.

5. Starting a new country on a world where you do not have a country yet and bringing that country to Level 2, will win you a game level award. However: Canceling that country and starting a new one to bring it again to level 2 for another award will not work. Game level awards can be won in each world, one time for each level.

6. If a player is purchasing a (high level) country or an enterprise, this purchase may result in an immediate level upgrade in the same game month or the following Months. Such purchases of a country or Enterprise will not be awarded with gold coins for the higher level.

Award payments

Awards for the month are fixed at 12pm EST on the last day of each month. Award messages are placed on the home page of the winning countries and enterprises in the first several days of the month. Winners have the choice of accepting the awards or refusing them if they want to go for a higher award in the next month.

Members with very large number of Gold coins can request a payment. Payments are possible if the member keeps at least 2000 gold coins on the account after the payment. The exact conditions for such payments are shown on the payment request pages. Payments are always $ 25 and paid by Paypal.

W3creative can suspend these payments at any time with or without reason.

Computing the country score

The total score is an accumulation of many different indexes. The score link on the country home page shows several factors that contribute to the score.

The economic indexes include the finance, assets, the industrial index and the corporations and production indexes.

The defense index is computed as twice the defensive index plus the offensive index and the strategic index, divided by four. The war index is also part of the total score.

The welfare index is computed with the health, education, transportation, supply, social security, salary and employment indexes.

Score list and rank

The score lists showing the best 300 presidents and best 100 CEOs are recomputed once in every game month. The list is created when all the countries in the world and all enterprises have been processed.

Changes per game month are mostly small. They may be large in case of war and war damage.

The rank is a good measure of how you are doing. If your countries or enterprise, are improving, your score will increase. A history graph is available showing the changes in your score in the past 18 months.

Score of conquered countries

The score of conquered countries is computed in the same way.

6. Population [ top ]

The population of your country is the most important resource. Anything you try to achieve as a president depends on the availability of people and their education level.

You should create excellent conditions in the country that will make the population satisfied about their lives. These conditions must include good education and health systems, employment, salary levels and social security.

Your population is growing. This requires investments in education and health. The population is also aging and the number of people who are retired or disabled is growing and your social security system must take care of them.

The population is divided into different age groups starting with small kids up to 4 years, school children of 4 to 18 years old, students who are 18 to 24 years old, working people in many age groups, disabled people and housewives in the age of 21 or 24 to 65 and retired people older than 65 years.

Population groups include unemployed people who are looking for a job, housewives who are not looking for a job, and there are disabled people who are unable to work.

7. Population Growth in Countries [ top ]

The population in all countries shows natural growth over time. The growth depends on the number of people in the country.

The growth rate in percentage points per year is very high in countries with small population and is gradually reduced in countries with very large population.

Countries during and after a war, may see different growth patterns. These patterns have to do with a changed composition of their population. If many younger people died in a war, the percentage of the population in these age groups may be lower and fewer children are born each month.

Death rates depend on the health index and the composition of the population. The higher the health index, the longer people live.

Free members countries have a low birth rate and their population remains limited to less than 20 million.

Countries that are transferring their population to other countries for gold coins will see strong adverse effects for their population.

8. Countries with very large population [ top ]

When population numbers pass the 90 million mark, the patterns become less clear. We expect the population in these countries to remain stable but further growth has not been blocked.

Most countries with more than 90 Million may see the population numbers fall.

Disabled people
Retired people

Disabled people

Disabled people include everyone who is unable to work. This may be a permanent condition or a temporary condition for a short period. All people in that group are not employed and receive social security payments.

Retired people

Retired people are 65 years and older. The group includes everyone in that age group independent of what he or she did before.

9. Education [ top ]

Consequences of a bad education system
Education priorities
Build your education system as fast as possible
Prevent overheating
Workers Education
Workers and soldiers in war situations
Operating cost for schools, high schools and Universities

Education is essential to the country as it delivers professionals needed for the industry. A strong educational system will deliver large numbers of medical staff, teachers, university-teachers and high-tech staff.

If you want to grow your economy, you will need to build more corporations and make them work effectively.

Your defense too will need more officers who are recruited from the group of medium level managers but these are also essential for your industry. Building a large army will require more medium level managers to roll out of your education system.

In short, schools, both elementary and high schools are important. Universities too.

We advise you try to increase the number of schools, high schools and universities to the recommended levels and beyond. An education index of 120 will be sufficient but at 150 to 200, the education system will be able to support a very fast growing economy.

Consequences of a bad education system

The education system is the producer of professionals needed to build the economy. Lack of professionals will result in difficulties for corporations finding the people they need. It will result in losses in corporations.

Education priorities

Setting higher education priority numbers for several groups of professionals will make the education system increase its production of professionals. It will start happening directly but takes time to adjust and make big changes. You cannot change the education system overnight. The priority numbers should add up to 120. Higher totals do not make sense.

Build your education system as fast as possible

When you start playing, the education index may be in the range of 70 to 80. It is important to improve education. For that you need schools and for schools you need teachers.

The priorities for both teachers and university teachers should be set very high. Schools, high schools and universities should be built when more teachers are becoming available.

As the education system improves, so will the number of graduates. The high priority for teachers and university teachers should continue until the number of schools reaches a high level with an education index above 120.

The number of graduates in each professional group depends on the education priority for that group and on the education index. With a higher education index, larger numbers of professionals will graduate each game month

Prevent overheating

When priorities are not being updated for a long time, the education system will continue to produce and it may result in very large surpluses in one or more professional groups. The priorities should be updated once in several days and reflect the changing needs.

It may become necessary to reduce the education priorities and reduce the number of graduates. Unchecked growth in education may result in a large number of unemployed professionals.

Workers Education

The education system is taking 18 years old students into the universities and turn out professionals.

There are no education priorities for workers. Workers are recruited from all age groups of 15 years and up. The workers are considered to have lower education.

Many of the workers move from being a Low-level worker to medium-level worker and to high-level worker. The movements between these groups are taking place all the time and depend on the numbers available and needed in the other groups. The numbers of moving workers each month are limited.

Many countries have workers shortages. The way to deal with the problem is by upgrading the corporations in the country. If corporations become more effective, they reduce the need for lower level workers and hire more high-level managers, engineers and executives. The total number of workers is reduced.

Having another look at the army helps too. If part of the army becomes reserve army, the number of soldiers will decrease. The cost of defense will be reduced and the weapons can be reactivated in case of war.

Workers and soldiers in war situations

When you are at war soldiers may be dead or wounded. New soldiers are recruited from the ranks of workers and officers from the group medium-level managers.

It can create a shortage of workers and corporations may reduce production for lack of workers.

Reducing the army by moving some of the weapons to the reserves will free soldiers to become workers again.

Operating cost for schools, high schools and Universities

Operating the education system is a major cost for each country. The cost is mainly in the number of teachers, university teachers and other workers that are needed to operate these facilities.

Following is a specification of the numbers of workers and other products that are needed.

Teachers  48 
Medium level workers  25 
Services (per year)  2250 units per year 
Books etc.  420 units per year 
Other products  210 units per year 
Teachers  50 
Medium level managers  1 
Medium level workers  30 
Services (per year)  2310 units per year 
Books etc.  420 units per year 
Other products  210 units per year 
University Teachers  2000 
Low level workers  600 
Medium level workers  600 
High level workers  600 
Low-level managers  500 
Medium level managers  400 
High-level managers  300 
Executives  36 
Services (per year)  42000 units per year 
High-tech services  7800 units per year 
Books etc.  21000 units per year 
Other products  7200 units per year 

10. Employment [ top ]

The employment in the country is a good measure for the quality of the economy. Employment should ideally be at the 100% level, which means that all workers have a job and no one is unemployed.

In Simcountry, 6% to 8% unemployment is considered excellent. As workers are less flexible in moving between professions, it is hard to reduce unemployment any further.

Employed people are running the corporations in the country and they also pay taxes. A high employment rate will increase your score.

Reducing the unemployment also reduces the number of people who receive social security payments.

11. Pending workers [ top ]

The pending workers numbers are showing the number of workers or professionals that are needed for facilities under construction. This includes teachers, doctors, workers for corporations that are in queue to be built etc.

The numbers show on the Labor section, on the employment statistics page.

12. Salaries [ top ]

Salary levels are important both in the corporations and in government. Countries with very low salaries may see people emigrate. If salaries are too high, corporations may have difficulties to compete and government cost, including education, health, the army etc. will be very high.

Manage salary levels and watch profitability in corporations. If higher salaries are possible, increase the levels and improve the productivity of your workers.

13. Salaries in Computer Controlled Countries [ top ]

Salaries in "computer controlled countries" are at a base level of 100. Private corporations that are setting up in these countries can set their salaries at higher levels, and workers will move from the state corporations into private corporations.

14. Government salaries [ top ]

Government salaries can be reduced and differ up to a factor of two with salaries outside the government. Such large differences will however have consequences for the movement of workers between government and the industry.

15. Automatic Updating of Government Salaries [ top ]

Government salaries can be high while the country is making losses. To prevent economic decline in countries, government salaries are being reduced automatically by a small percentage each game month to try and balance the country finances.

The reductions only takes place if the player is new to the game.

16. High-level workers [ top ]

The number of high-level workers is changing with the demand in the corporations. When more are needed, medium level workers are promoted automatically and become high-level workers. A shortage of high-level workers can be ignored. It will be automatically corrected in time.

17. Finance [ top ]

The cash flow
Income and cost
Getting loans
The investment funds

The country finances are shown on the financial pages.

It reports the available cash of the country and the income and cost in the past month, year to date and expected results for the year.

The cash flow

The cash of the country depends on the monthly income and expenses. If expenses are higher than the income, you can expect the available cash to go down. It should go up if there is more income than cost. There are however several other factors influencing the available cash.

Loans you take are not considered income but are added to your cash. When you pay these loans back, it is not considered cost, but they are subtracted from your cash. The interest you receive or pay for loans does count as income or cost. Investments in new corporations are not considered cost but they do influence the cash flow.

Loans and investments in new corporations are not considered cost because they do not change the total assets of the country. If you take a loan for 10 B, the total of your loans increases by 10 B but your cash goes up by the same amount, your assets are unchanged.

Taxes paid by the population are income. You receive the tax payments and your cash goes up. Salary payments for teachers in the country are costs as you pay the teachers and your cash goes down.

The cash data on the financial page is important. It shows the current cash available but it also shows how much you owe in loans and the value of your corporations. The assets are a good measure for the success of your presidency and for your country. The more assets you have the better the country is doing.

Income and cost

This is the main financial report that shows how the country is doing from month to month. It shows the income from taxes and contributions people pay towards education and health and it shows income from corporations all types of corporations.

The cost side shows the amount you spend on every government item including health, education, transportation, social security and defense. Interest income from loans you gave to others and interest payments on loans you have received is also part of this report.

You are advised to watch this report frequently and you must understand the figures.

Having a negative cash flow and financial shortages is not a major problem when you are investing in your economy. In the long run however, your investments should translate into higher income that will make it possible to pay the interest on the outstanding loans and also pay back the loans.

Getting loans

When your cash goes red, you will automatically receive a loan. You may request the loan yourself but if it does happen, a loan request will be issued automatically and it will be large enough to bring your cash back into positive territory.

Loan paybacks are also automatic. They take place when the loans are due and may put your country in a negative cash position. This will again result in a new loan in the following month. If your income is high and cash goes up every month, loan paybacks will not trigger new loans or will result in smaller loans.

The maximum period for a loan is 120 months. The highest amount that can be offered is 9999 Billions.

Interest rates for loans are set to 1% per game year. Countries with large cash reserves can offer loans on the money market.

Interest rates for loaned money are low per game year; they are very high in real terms. At 1% interest per game year, which is 2 days, interest rates in Simcountry reach 180% in real terms.

Any member could exchange gold coins into game money, loan the game money out and receive 1% interest in 2 days.

When no money is available from players, loans are provided by the World Bank. These loans carry the same interest rate. The world-bank never takes any loans.

In periods of money surplus, the world-bank receives money back from loans that are due to be paid back.

A country may want to pay loans early. All loans can be paid early and such early payment carries a 2% penalty.

The investment funds

Each country has an investment fund that is managed by the president. The investment fund receives contributions from high salary workers in the population and it is intended to supplement the income of workers in the country. The money is invested in the share market. The fund has a monthly income from these investments and from dividends from the stocks it owns.

The investment fund is managed by the president. The president cannot however use the money to pay country debt or in any other way move funds into the government financial system.

The contributions by workers amount to about 2.5% of the total salaries in the country. The percentage may differ in some countries as it depends on the income levels in general and the composition of the work force.

18. Transportation [ top ]

The transport and water systems are needed in all countries. To support the economy, the transportation system should be built to match the required levels as are shown on the transportation pages.

Better transportation will result in a better welfare level and will benefit the economy. The factory production levels in the industry depend among other factors, on the welfare level in the country.

Building roads, train tracks and water installations can be done on the transportation pages. The limitation is in the cost of these items and the ongoing maintenance of roads, train tracks and water installation. The cost is showing on the monthly finance page.

Destruction of roads and train tracks

It is possible to removed roads and railroads. This may be needed when the country is in a very bad financial condition and needs to reduce cost. Deep cuts in transportation however, may have severe consequences for the welfare of the country and reduce production and the economy in general.

19. General Government Functions [ top ]

Government functions include everything that does not fall into any of the departments of health, education, the army, social security etc.

For example: the police force, fire departments, local governments, the judiciary and many other functions that are not developed specifically, fall under general government.

20. Government Cost [ top ]

The cost of government can vary widely from one country to another. There are several factors that can influence it.

The population and the salary levels in the country are a factor. The number of countries in the empire, is a major factors in the cost.

Government cost increases with the number of countries in the empire. In a single country, the cost is low. In empires of up to 5 or 10 countries it is a reasonable percentage of the total cost. In very large empires it is the largest cost factor.

Most empires larger than 20 countries, will find it impossible to pay for. We recommend a limitation of 10 countries to prevent that high cost. Even with 15 countries, the economy must be very strong for the empire to be able to bear the cost.

Government cost will gradually adjust to the size of the empire and other changes in the country. When an empire grows, the cost of government may take one or two game years to adjust to the new level. The same will happen when the empire is becoming smaller.

21. Optimizing production in your corporations [ top ]

To get best results and maximize the production levels in your corporations you should try and increase the level of both the country and corporate welfare indexes.

Here is our advice:

Don't sell population. If you have done so in the past, purchase some population to increase the pace of damage repair on the country welfare index. You can also let time heal it.
Increase the main indexes; check the description of how the welfare index is computed and make sure each index reaches 120 to 130. Don't leave any of these indexes behind. The welfare index depends on the lowest of these indexes.
Increase salaries in corporations if possible, to a level of 300 to 400. Although the profit in the corporation may start to decline with higher salaries, country income from taxes will increase. The correct limit for salary levels is not always clear and depends on other factors.
Increase your game level and you can reach even higher production levels in your corporations.

22. Boycott [ top ]

Countries can set up lists of countries they want to boycott. A boycott will take place if enough countries are asking for it or if the Security Council votes for it.

A boycott that is activated by countries is always for 60 months. The boycott can have three severity levels.

Each country can enter up to 100 boycott requests against any other countries. The requests can be for a boycott or these requests can be to end a boycott, have the effect of anti boycott requests. There can be only one request for a specific country.

If there are 25 countries asking for a boycott against a single country, the boycott will start and will be for a single product. The product will be Services. If 50 countries declare a boycott, 5 products will be included (services, high-tech services, chemicals, Oil and computers). If 75 countries vote for a boycott, all products will be included.

Presidents can look at existing boycotts and at the total number of outstanding requests of boycott against any country.

Boycott requests count for 1 each. All anti boycott requests count for -1 each.

The boycott is against the country itself and all the corporations it owns. It is not including private corporations, these are not owned by the country.

The boycott is automatically supported by all countries in the world, both with and without a president and also by all enterprises.

Contracts between countries and common and local market contracts are excluded from any boycott and during the boycott period. New contracts between any countries and also common and local market contracts can be closed and will be executed. This means that boycotts can have a reduced effect if your friends decide to setup trading contracts and sell directly to your country and corporations.

Any request by a country for a boycott will be kept in the boycott list for 24 months. If at any time during that period there are enough requests for a boycott, it will start. The request may cause a boycott to take place but it may also fail in triggering a boycott. If at any time, a higher boycott level can be achieved with 50 or 75 countries, the boycott level will increase. If at some time during the boycott, the number of the boycotting countries will decrease, the boycott level may decrease but the boycott will not be eliminated unless the number of boycott requests by countries goes under zero. This means that the number of requests to stop the boycott is larger than the number of requests to continue the boycott.

When a boycott period is over, the country will have a boycott free period of 24 game months.

New players will have a boycott free period of 60 game months.

In empires, only the leader can vote on a boycott. This is done to prevent large empires from deciding on a boycott and executing the boycott by voting many times.

23. The Voting System [ top ]

All Premium Members of Simcountry can participate in the in game voting system. Players can make suggestions for game improvement and put them to a vote by all Premium Members.

The voting period is 7 days and any subject will stay on the list for three weeks. Any full player can put an issue for voting and as long as that issue is on the list, it is impossible for the same player to start another. There is now a possibility to view voting subjects and decide to vote Yes, No, or not to vote at all.

W3creative will check the results of voting and react on suggestions on the Forum. We will also receive all the results by email when the voting period is concluded.

We reserve the right to remove any issue if it is not relevant or counterproductive or contains bad language or any other reason that may make it unfit in our judgment. Please use it correctly to the benefit of all our players.

The voting system is readable for everyone.