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Documentation - Game Basics

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| | Countries and Continents |
| | Enterprise Corporations |
| | FAQ |
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Rules of the Game

Table of Contents:

1. You are the President
2. How does Simcountry work?
3. When you register to Simcountry
4. Simcountry Runs Six Game Months Each Day
5. The world date and daily processing.
6. Playing the Peaceful Game in Secured Mode
7. Playing the Full game including the War Features
8. Temporary War Protection
9. Many Countries do not have a President yet
10. Inactive accounts and Countries
11. The Enterprise Game
12. When you start playing
13. Finance is key
14. There are many corporations producing many Products
15. Employment level in your country
16. Education - the key to success
17. Learning more about Simcountry
18. Security of Countries and Assets in Simcountry
19. Playing The Peaceful Game
20. Playing Simcountry
21. Simcountry - Fast Track
22. Account Expirations
23. Awards in Simcountry
24. Hall of Fame
25. Playing frequently and running multiple countries
26. Alone or with your friends?

1. You are the President [ top ]

Playing Simcountry, you are the president of the country.
You take the decisions to build an army or to play a peaceful game. You decide on building corporations and you decide on all spending in your country.

You may decide to go for a large empire or instead, for one country with excellent economy, large population and a strong finance with stock ownership and good healthcare and education system.

As leader of the country you are also responsible for the relations with other countries. You are responsible for the defense (If war is part of your game) and in case of war you must defend your country.

Simcountry can be played without the war part as a peaceful game.

As president, you may decide to rule the country in all details which is more demanding and requires more detailed involvement, or you may leave some or most of the details to the automatic system that can carry out the daily routine operations for you.

When you are not available, on vacation or just busy with your real life, you can turn "Temporary war protection" on and make sure the country is OK when you return. Temporary war protection can be obtained by the use of boosters that require the use of gold coins, depending on the period you want the temporary protection to endure.

2. How does Simcountry work? [ top ]

Simcountry has five virtual worlds. Each world has many countries. All countries have a population ranging from 12 million to more than 200 millions.

There are five worlds running: Kebir Blue, White Giant, Fearless Blue (The war world), Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon.

There are 3.000 to 6.400 countries in each world and many enterprises. There are 10 continents of various sizes in each world. The continents are divided into regions and the regions have many countries.

There are huge continents with many regions and small ones with one or two regions. There are up to 80 countries in a region, many have a coastline but there are also many that are landlocked.

3. When you register to Simcountry [ top ]

When you register to play, you create an account on the Simcountry site and you automatically get a country in one of the worlds. You can also look for a country in one of the worlds yourself. You can cancel the country you got and it is easy to find a country, (zoom into the world maps), that does not have a president yet and make it yours.

It is also possible to have a country or even an empire on all worlds and it is also possible to start up enterprises in these worlds.

There is no need to download anything into your own computer. You can run the game from your browser and we never store any data on your computer.

4. Simcountry Runs Six Game Months Each Day [ top ]

All five worlds run the simulation processes six times each day, representing six game months every day.

Each "month run" re-computes all the country data and stores the new values in the world database.

The simulation takes care of thousands of different data fields in each country. It takes care of the aging of the population and new births. It handles the production in corporations and puts their products on the market and it executes contracts and trade requests.

The way the simulation works depends on many internal rules of the game that are part of the simulation. In addition, the current data values that are stored in the country record determine the exact action that will be taken in the following month.

When you look into your country after a day or two, you will find many things that have changed. If 4 or 5 (game) months passed, you will find your population a little larger. You may have earned some money or lost some. There will be many changes each (game) month but these changes are small per (game) month and there are graphs that you can look at and see what happened in the period between last time you looked and today.

5. The world date and daily processing. [ top ]

The world date is always moving to the first of the next month when a new simulation run begins. Following the month change, the date changes one day at a time each 12 minutes.

If we change the date by one day each 12 minutes, each hour is 5 days and in 6 hours, the date changes 30 times, representing 30 days. If the time between two month runs is 4 hours it means that the last days of each month may be skipped.

The start times are fixed each day, for each world but may vary from time to time.

6. Playing the Peaceful Game in Secured Mode [ top ]

You can choose to play the peaceful game version. In that case, you do not need an army, no one will be able to attack your country and you will be unable to attack other countries that have a president. Your country will remain in Secured mode and your economic assets will be protected.

Even if you play in Secured mode, it is possible to attack and conquer countries that do not have a president. All countries can build an army, even when playing the peaceful game and build an empire, conquering free countries.

There is however a limit to fighting free countries. After winning several wars, your war level will increase to war level 3 and your country will become vulnerable to attacks by others.

While playing in Secured mode you will not be able to attack any country that has a president and no other country will be able to attack your country.

In case you do conquer other countries and build an empire, only one of your countries will be in Secured Mode. The other countries in the empire can be attacked and must be defended. You can also setup temporary war protection and prevent war in any country. Temporary war protection requires the use of gold coins.

7. Playing the Full game including the War Features [ top ]

If you choose to play the full game, you will need an army to protect your country. When you start, you have a small army and your country is in secured mode. Under the cover of secured mode, you will need to purchase weapons, setup army units and build up your army.

You may also decide to go even further, prepare your army for war, conquer free countries and fight for a large empire.

Playing the full game is more challenging. You need a strong economy that will be able to build and sustain a large army.

8. Temporary War Protection [ top ]

Countries can use temporary war protection to protect themselves against war. It can be used when a president is on vacation or unavailable to prevent destruction while the president is away.

The temporary war protection period can also be used if a president feels that his country is not ready for war.

Temporary war protection requires boosters that are bought for gold coins.

If war is already declared, or in progress, temporary war protection will not end it. It will however prohibit war declarations and sneak attacks.

When temporary protection is turned on, each game month will reduce the war protection counter. Also each time the war protection status is changed, three game months are subtracted. Turning temporary war protection on and off very often will quickly reduce the available protection period.

9. Many Countries do not have a President yet [ top ]

Not all the countries have a president and they are run by an automated system. The automatic system makes sure that these countries have a reasonable economy and can become successful under the control of a new president.

10. Inactive accounts and Countries [ top ]

Accounts and countries are considered to be inactive if the account was not used for 21 days after it was expired.

If the account is expired and remains unused for a period of 35 days after expiration, countries and enterprises will be removed and the account will be closed. Countries in active accounts and countries that are part of Premium Members accounts, will not be removed. When countries are removed, it takes about one week before they become available for a new president.

11. The Enterprise Game [ top ]

Enterprises are large groups of corporations, operating in many countries. Enterprise players may also have countries but they can play an enterprise only game. They produce and trade in many countries and can cooperate with others.

Most Enterprise leaders (CEOs) also have countries and empires and play both ways.

State Corporations can be taken over by enterprises that operate in all countries. The president can decide which industries must remain under her control by use of the national corporations feature.

Presidents can prevent takeovers by enterprises (check the settings page). Most country leaders do allow private and public corporations in their countries. These corporations contribute much more to the country than state corporations.

Large and successful corporations can go public and their shares are traded on the stock exchange. These corporations achieve higher market value and represent valuable game assets.

12. When you start playing [ top ]

When you start playing Simcountry, it makes sense to look at other countries too. On the country home page, you see the country map and you can click on many objects to view details.

You can zoom out and view larger areas of your region and continent and you can zoom into your neighboring countries and look at many of their features.

As a country leader, you spend money on education, health, transportation, and you may want to build an army. The money you need, must be earned by your corporations and from taxes paid by the population.

13. Finance is key [ top ]

The financial page, shows how much cash the country has, its loans, income and expenses. The essential part is the monthly income and expense. It shows how much money is spent and earned.

If your income is higher than your expense, you seem to be OK. If it is lower, you are losing money.

The income depends on taxes. There is tax people pay as a percentage of their salary. It depends on the number of working people and their income level.

Corporations pay taxes too. The better they do, the more they pay. You can improve the corporations in your country and make them more profitable. You can build new ones.

Having a negative balance of payments for some time is fine. You cannot build your economy without getting into some loans. However, loans carry interest payments and must be paid back. Investments must result in higher income so that you will be able to pay interest and pay the loans back.

14. There are many corporations producing many Products [ top ]

Corporations are very large with 150.000 to 400.000 workers in each corporation. There are 60.000 to 120.000 corporations in each world, producing more than 300 different products. There are 15 to 300 corporations in each country and successful presidents may be able to increase the number even further.

Products are bought and sold on a market with pricing that varies with the quality of the products and availability on the market. It is also possible to trade directly with others by setting up contracts. Many players are setting up common markets and trade most of their products within their own markets.

Corporations can be improved by increasing production and by increasing quality. Upgrade the quality and you will be able to increase the sales price. Check the market for the products that are in short supply and build corporations that produce these products.

15. Employment level in your country [ top ]

Building corporations can result in shortage of workers. Your population is limited and if the economy is growing, unemployment will decrease and some groups of workers may show shortages.

When workers shortages occur, corporations are forced to decrease production and they may make losses.

You can reduce the number of workers in corporations and keep the production up. This is achieved by upgrading the efficiency in corporations. Corporation upgrades carry a high cost but they reduce the total number of workers in the corporations. The number of low-level workers is decreased but a small number of high-level workers, managers and high tech people are needed to replace them.

The total number of workers will decrease with every efficiency upgrade. If many corporations are upgraded it will be possible to build more corporations and result in higher income.

16. Education - the key to success [ top ]

A good education system is needed to produce the professionals that are needed for a strong economy. You need to build many schools and universities. For that, you need teachers and university teachers.

When you look into the education pages, you will find out how to set priorities in the education system. The education priorities page is reachable from the menu. It is probably the most important page in Simcountry.

17. Learning more about Simcountry [ top ]

Learning to play Simcountry takes some reading. We advise you to also check the hints that are available on many pages.

18. Security of Countries and Assets in Simcountry [ top ]

Simcountry ensures the security of assets for all players and offer war protection features to any players who are not interested in the war game. Many players are investing in their countries and create valuable assets. It is impossible to do so if the country can be attacked with no reason and work that took months to build, is destroyed in minutes.

The Fearless Blue world does not have the Secured Mode features and the risk of a disastrous war is highes unless they turn on temporary war protection. Players on all worlds can turn temporary war protection on and prevent war. The Secured Mode feature protects the leader country in each empire. Single countries are considered to be leader countries and are also protected. On the Fearless Blue world, all countries participate in the war game starting 60 days after they join the game.

19. Playing The Peaceful Game [ top ]

Players can make a choice between playing a peaceful game, remaining in secured mode or they can choose for participation in the full game including war. New players in Simcountry are all placed in secured mode and can remain in this protected mode forever.

A player who does not remove the secured mode will remain protected against any attack and cannot attack any country that has a president. It remains possible, even for a country in secured mode, to start a war against a country without a president and conquer it.

Secured mode does not apply to any conquered or purchased countries. It applies only to the leader country in each empire. If you have only one country in a world, you are fully protected.

Secured mode does not apply to any country in the Fearless Blue world, which is considered to be the war world. New players in Fearless Blue, are protected from war in the first 60 days unless they reach war level 3 earlier.

Any country in any of the worlds can setup the temporary war protection that will protect it from war while the president is unavailable. Temporary war protection can be extended indefinitely by use of boosters. Boosters require the use of gold coins.

20. Playing Simcountry [ top ]

Simcountry can be played by anyone. You do not need any prior knowledge. Everyone, 16 years and older can participate. You can play it in an easy way, letting the system assist you or you can do everything yourself.

There are about 17.000 players in Simcountry and their age varies between 16 and 80. Many players have a deep knowledge of the game. Discussions on the game Forum sometimes go into many economic details.

You can buy and sell products, build schools or wage war. Trade with your neighbors or put products on the market.

You compete against thousands of other players around the world who are your neighbors in these virtual worlds.

Building the economy and building an army takes time. Simcountry is played by many, several times a week. Some play daily of course and try to be in charge of all details.

21. Simcountry - Fast Track [ top ]

It is possible to play Simcountry on a fast track and achieve results fast.

The strategy is quite simple:

Register a new country (or use one you already have) and start immediate population transfers to increase the population to about 30 or 40 millions. Build the educations system as fast as possible. Build corporation as fast as population and education allows. You can request the building of ten corporations that will be delivered one per game month and you can build 42 corporations in one week. Using boosters, the number can be much higher.

Upgrade the corporations (automatic) and set production and hiring to 100%. It will lead to profitability but that takes some time. Get enough cash on the direct trading market to keep your debt low and increase your game assets.

If you want to participate in the war game, build your defense as fast as possible but avoid plunging the financial index. Initiate many more population transfers when unemployment declines and increase the population. Keep building corporations and continue transfers when unemployment is reduced.

This way of fast building can take four to six weeks, depending on how far you want to push your population. It will probably take many gold coins to complete.

22. Account Expirations [ top ]

All accounts have an expiration date. When you click on the "Account and Membership" on the left frame, you can check the account details. Players can play Simcountry for free for an unlimited period but free membership has some limitations.

23. Awards in Simcountry [ top ]

If you look into the Simcountry world overview pages you will find the best 300 presidents page and the best 100 enterprise CEOs. The top players on the list receive awards. Awards are paid every month to the top players in each world.

Awards are in the range of 15 to 200 gold coins but they depend on the number of players in each world. Exact details of awards in all the worlds are available from the country and world home pages.

More details are available in the features document.

24. Hall of Fame [ top ]

Presidents and CEO's who won the first place in any of the worlds are placed in the hall of fame for a period of six months. There is one hall of fame for all the worlds. Presidents and CEOs that are placed in the hall of fame are also showing on the "best 300 players".

25. Playing frequently and running multiple countries [ top ]

The worlds are running continuously and they will run while some users are busy, at work or on vacation.
The countries and enterprises keep changing all the time and will continue to do so based on many parameters.

It is possible to automate many of the functions including some of the defense of your country. In this way, even if you do not log in for some days, no major damage will be caused to your country. Temporary war protection can be used to prevent war while you are on vacation or otherwise not available.

Other processes including salary changes, upgrading of corporations, social security levels etc. can also be automated.

The automatic defense is reasonable and limited. It depends on the available military units and garrisons in the country. It is important to have a large defensive army. There are players who are searching for countries with weak defenses and conquer them.

There are many players who are running a country in more than one world. Many run empires and enterprises.

It is possible to conquer other countries and create an empire. There are large empires in the game and they are sometimes large world powers.

26. Alone or with your friends? [ top ]

As a president or a CEO you are in complete control. Presidents can form federations and cooperate on many areas.

The main reason for players to participate in a federation is mutual defense. Federations have their own rules that define the level of mutual defense by members of the federation.

Players can exchange messages and can send messages to all the members of their federation and they can create trade agreements between them, buy and sell goods etc.

Termination of a country after losing a war

The war index is a measure of how good your country is doing and how damaged it is. The war index is recomputed and updated after each attack during a war. If the war index reaches zero, the war ends and the presidency is terminated. The country is either terminated or conquered. The choice is up to the winning country.

Both parties in the war receive a mail message informing them of the result of the war.


Termination due to bad performance

If a country performs very badly and accumulates huge loans with very little industry to support it, it may be terminated. This does not happen frequently.

Termination by

Users who violate the terms and conditions as agreed upon registration, are terminated when such violations become known. The main reasons for termination by W3Creative have been multi-playing which is annoying for other players.

In case of multi-playing, termination is arbitrary. We may terminate all the countries or terminate some at random. Users are advised not to register more than one account in the game. is acting swiftly and terminates users if they upload or use any offensive materials on their pages. We act without warning and terminate countries and accounts with no way of restoring them. We terminate if we find any offensive material, the slightest racist references, Nazi materials, fascist and hate langue etc. The IP number of such players is blocked and they will not return to Simcountry.