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Welcome to Simcountry

Playing Simcountry you can play both the war game and the country simulation game.
You can also decide to play only the country simulation game.

The war game

When you participate in the war game, you can build an army, fight wars and become a leader of an empire. You can join others and fight together. To do so, you need money, purchase weapons and ammunition, build an airforce and maybe purchase nuclear weapons. The money can be earned with a strong economy.
You can also buy your way into it to make it quicker but at the end, you will need good functioning countries that turn profits.

There is info on this page on how to build your army.

Building your country in peace

You can develop your country and make it an economic power. You can extend it into a peaceful empire, trading on the markets, produce many products and become financially strong. You can cooperate and compete with others. The war game remains an option but many players do not take part in it.

The Forum

Players comunicate on the forum. You can join and express your opinions, meet players, help others and ask for help. You can find a mentor to help, you can find a federation to join.
Being a part of a federation makes you less volnurable. Federations members take care of each other.


Federations are groups of countries that are associated in a defense pact and support each other in war. The federation members all set up their own army to be able to defend themselves and their federation members.
Check the federations features and find one to join. You need to request them to allow you in.

Table of Contents:

1. Starting conditions for presidents
2. Gifts for new players
3. When You Login
4. Building your country - corporations
5. Education Priorites
6. Building More
7. Finance
8. Automation Functions
9. The war game
10. Building your army
11. Building The Defenses in a new country
12. What happens during an attack?
13. Defensive Missile Installations
14. Fighting wars
15. Fearless Blue - The war world
16. Awards

1. Starting conditions for presidents [ top ]

When you start your country has a population of about 19-20 millions. The economy is running reasonably with 17 to 20 very large corporations employing most of the workers in the country.

The country has a several hundred billions in cash and it is probably profitable.

Your resources are intended to allow for fast development of the country. You also have 15 Gold coins on your account and can use them to increase the population or to get more game money. These functions are in the "direct trading" option.

Your country is protected against war. Your first country is in secured mode and cannot be attacked.

2. Gifts for new players [ top ]

New players receive many substantial gifts when they login.

Every time you login, up to twice a day and up to 30 days, you receive a gift. There are two types. One is cash. You receive 400B in cash into your account. you can receive it each day if you login.

The other gift type is the addition of population. You receive 200.000 in additional population, every day, if you login.

In total, you can receive up to 12 Trillion in cash in 30 days and up to 6.000.000 population increase in 30 days.

These are very substantial numbers, your country will develop very fast.

In addition, there are income boosters that are added each game month to your country income. It improves the finance of the country. The income booster disappears in time.

3. When You Login [ top ]

When you login you get to the portal page. You can see the situation of the account. Roam around and learn. You also see the country you own click on it and get to the country page.
Clicking on "e;Home"e; on the left frame will always bring you back to the portal page.
On the country page, you see the map of your country and information at the bottom of the page.

Click on some links above and below the map. Click on objects on the map.

You get a view of things you can do as a president by clicking on menu options on the top of the page.

Your country's home page shows some indexes. You can click on them and learn to manage your country.
The associated numbers give you an estimate on how you are doing. You can see your own rank in the list of presidents.
Your rank depends on these indexes. There is also an indexes page on the country home page that shows all the game indexes and your game level. Also a newspaper button to show local and international news.

4. Building your country - corporations [ top ]

To grow, you need income. Income comes from corporations.
You need many corporations but only if you have enough workers to work in these corporations.
Corporations hire many workers of all workers groups and if done correctly, the corporations produce great profits.

Corporations need raw materials. You can see on the corporation pages if they have all they need.

You should build corporations producing products that are in short supply. The building process will help you.

Natural resources corporations produce very high profits. Check the natural resources pages which resources are available in your country and use them.
For example: you cannot produce gold if you have no gold in the ground. But you may have many resources.

Check the available natural resources. You should have many resources. In case the number is small, you shoud consider exchanging the country and choose one with at least 70 resources available. You can discard your country and choose a different one.
You can check what you have on the natural resources pages. Natural resources corporations are the most profitable in the game. Check the profitability of your corporations. Close the ones that are not profitable and start natural resources corporations.

5. Education Priorites [ top ]

In the departments menu, choose education and you land on the education priorities page. This is probably the most important page in the game.

It shows numbers of employed and unemployed. it shows numbers of people needed in each profession. There could be shortages.
If corporations cannot find the workers they need, they will reduce production.

Check the details of the page. Update the education priorities. Put priority numbers. The total shows on the page and should not exceed 120. It will take the education system a day or more to adjust. (One or several game years).

Check this page frequently and update the priorities to prevent shortages. The education index has a major influence on the numbers of new professional becoming available each game month.

6. Building More [ top ]

Check the departments menu. You can build roads, train tracks, and schools. Improve your social security and water maintenance. Build hospitals.
These are all very important but you cannot do it all at once. As gifts come in, use the money to build all those things and develop your country.

Education is key to your success. The education menu shows you what you can build. Build schools, high schools and universities and increase their indexes step by step. a level of 180 is ok.

7. Finance [ top ]

Look into the financial pages and make sure you understand the figures.
Use the hints that are available on nearly every line of text to understand the numbers and make sure you know what the monthly shortages or surpluses are.

8. Automation Functions [ top ]

To make it easier for starters, playing in game levels 1,2 and 3, Simcountry has automation functions that are turned on for every new player. You can turn automation off at any time.

The automation helps you to improve the economy.

The automation functions do not try to help beyond game level 3 and will stop when you reach game level 4. The automation will not improve education, transportation, health care or employment to high levels. It will help in the early stages.

The automation includes:

Balancing the numbers of unemployed people in various groups.
Automatically moving professionals who are unemployed in high numbers, into workers groups if these show shortages.

The education features will set education priorities for you. It will also gradually improve the education level and the education index to a level of up to 120.

These features will help to improve the hiring levels in corporations. When hiring is close to 100%, it may start new corporations for you.

Automatically ordering of supplies for the army.
This function places orders for all ammunition and materials used by the army, depending on the monthly use.

The automation can improve the health system, adding hospitals and making sure education produces the doctors and nurses for these hospitals.

It will also improve the transportation system and water treatment. Ordering new roads, railroads and water treatment facilities.

9. The war game [ top ]

If you want to participate in the war game, you should prepare and build an army and to start with, a good defense.

If you have chosen a country on the War World, Fearless Blue, you must have time to build the army. You can prevent war for 60 days by not starting any. You can try the war tutorial and start a war against a Computer Controlled Country (C3). and remain protected. After 60 days, you are moved to War Level 3 and you can be attacked.

On the other four worlds you can do the same but there is no time limit. You can remain peaceful by not starting wars. You cannot be attacked.

To fight, you need a good army. To build it, you will need money. Don't start a war if your army is not ready. There are players out there who will destroy your country.

Most players do play the war game. They win wars and add the conquered countries to their empires. Some are very large.

10. Building your army [ top ]

To build the army you will purchase weapons, both defensive and offensive and ammunition to go with these weapons. You will set up military units to defend the land area, military bases and set up garrisons to protect cities, bases and fortifications.

Use the army menu to purchase everything you need and build military units. There could be shortages of weapons and ammunition on the markets and it may take some time.

There are many weapons and types of ammunition. Read about it in the documentation. You can also ask for advice on the forum or otherwise communicate with players.

The army first task is to defend your country. To make it very hard for any enemy to win against you. The defense must be able to damage or completely destroy any attack forces.

You also need to be able to cause wide spread destruction in your enemy's country.

11. Building The Defenses in a new country [ top ]

For a first phase of the defense, you need:

1. Air defense units, mainly interceptor units.
2. Garrisons to defend the main land assets
3. Strengthen your country with fortifications.
4. Set up defensive military units.
5. Radar Planes.

1 Interceptor units

In the army option at the top of the page, menu, click on army units and choose air wings. You see a list of types of air force units. One of them is the interceptor unit.

You should build several such units.
You need to purchase the interceptors, interceptor missiles, military supplies, aircraft fuel and trucks.

2. Defending your cities, corporations and military assets using garrisons

There are several types of garrisons. They can be quite large and require many weapons and ammunition.

The garrison functions are in the army menu. You can place garrisons around the country. It will be followed by the purchasing process for all the needed materials.

Land forces and mainly defensive land forces can strengthen your defense. If a target is attacked and there is a military unit close to the attacked target, The unit will support the defense.

3. Strengthen your defense with fortifications.

Fortifications are large constructions that are used to defend areas in your country. You can have up to 150 such fortifications, place them around the country and deploy garrisons to defend them.

Fortifications and their garrisons carry a high cost, also in the monthly maintenance.

4. Military Units

Military units and especially ones that are equipped with many defensive weapons, including anti aircraft weapons, Support the defense. Military units that are close to targets on the ground will participate in the defense. Check the various types of units, their size and weapons. During setup you can tune the numbers of weapons.

5. Defensive Radar Planes.

The defense needs several defensive radar planes. These planes will help direct the defense interceptors to where attacks take place. Without them, the defense might not be as effective.

12. What happens during an attack? [ top ]

When attacking, you select a target on the map, or from the list of all targets, you choose the unit to use in the attack and you launch the attack.

When a target is attacked it will try to protect itself and destroy attacking weapons and missiles. The defense will use the garrison if one is available.
If the attacker uses air planes, the defense will be supported by the most capable defense interceptor wing. The defense will also be supported by one military unit that is positioned close enough to the attacked target and has weapons that can help in the defense.
The defense against an air force attack, will be supported by up to two air force units owned by federation members. These units must be within range of the attacked target and they must have weapons that are relevant to the defense. Being a member of a federation is extremely important.

You can launch repeated attacks against enemy targets and if you are successful, they will be destroyed. Sometime several attacks are needed. You see attack reports immediately after each attack.

The attacker can also just continue to attack and if your defense is not strong enough, the country could be damaged to the point of surrender.

Each country has a war index. When targets are damaged or destroyed, the index declines. When the index reaches zero, the war ends and the country is conquered.

13. Defensive Missile Installations [ top ]

Anti aircraft missiles will destroy some of the attacking airplanes. You need such weapons to be part of your garrisons and participating military units. The damage you inflict depends on the numbers of weapons you have and their quality.

Defensive missile batteries are also essential for the defense and should be part of the garrisons and military units. Defensive missiles will destroy attacking batteries. Large numbers will inflict high damage on your enemy. Defensive air wings are also essential in the defense of your country. These units can include interceptors and helicopters.

14. Fighting wars [ top ]

You can always start a war but you should be prepared. It is easier to fight countries without a president, you can go up the war levels and win gold coins. Even these wars become complex at higher war levels as these countries do fight back.

15. Fearless Blue - The war world [ top ]

Fearless blue is populated by mainly players who want to fight wars. Others play on the other 4 worlds where war is optional. If you play on Fearless Blue, try to join a federations.

Countries in FB are sometimes attacked for no reason. You need to have a very strong defense to make it hopeless and expensive for any attacker.

You are protected against war for the first 60 days. Then, you are upgraded to war level 3 and you are part of the war game. Use the initial period to quickly build up the economy. Start building the army and use mainly the cash gifts you receive when you login.

16. Awards [ top ]

Simcountry gives awards to good players. The awards are in Gold Coins that are awarded every month. A player can win awards in all worlds, one award per empire. Enterprises can also win awards.

It is hard but not impossible for free players to win awards. Full members have advantages and win most of the gold coin awards.