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| | Documentation Index |
| | Rules of the Game |
| | Game Features |
| | Simcountry Dictionary |
| | Simcountry Worlds |
| | Countries and Continents |
| | Enterprise Corporations |
| | FAQ |
| | Managing Corporations |
| | The Share Market |
| | The Common Market |
| | Terms and Conditions |
| | War Documents |
| | Trading Products |
| | Assets and Gold Coins |
| | Privacy Regulations |

The documentation of the Game is set up in many documents that can be viewed or printed.
Below you find links to all these documents.

Please note that, when playing the game, there are many hints on every page that contain short descriptions of specific items.


Game of the World Document Set:

1. Game basics
2. Simcountry Dictionary
3. Beginners Info
4. Countries, Continents and Regions
5. Enterprises
6. Game Features
7. War Documentations - Playing the Simcountry War Game
8. Managing Corporations
9. Trading products in Simcountry
10. The Common Market
11. The stock market in Simcountry
12. Trading Game Assets.
13. Terms and Conditions
14. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Game basics [ top ]

Simcountry runs five virtual worlds, each with continents, regions and countries. There are many countries in each world. Each country is ruled by a leader, who has unlimited powers, and runs the country with full freedom of action.

Peaceful players have their country in "Secured Mode" and war will never be a risk. For players who fully participate in the war game, preparing a good defense is a challenge. On the Fearless Blue world, all players participate in war maximun 60 days after registration.

The economy of the country includes the industry and production capabilities of its corporations. The president is expected to run these corporations, set up purchasing and sale strategies, hire and fire workers and manage the corporate finances.

Simcountry is based on a real economic model that is market oriented with products offered and bought on the free market. Direct trading with other Leaders and with enterprises is also part of the game.

Thousands of people around the world play together and compete for the top slots on the ranking list.

Good players receive awards when they climb to the top positions and when they achieve higher game levels.

Table of Contents:

1. You are the President
2. How does Simcountry work?
3. When you register to Simcountry
4. Simcountry Runs Six Game Months Each Day
5. The world date and daily processing.
6. Playing the Peaceful Game in Secured Mode
7. Playing the Full game including the War Features
8. Temporary War Protection
9. Many Countries do not have a President yet
10. Inactive accounts and Countries
11. The Enterprise Game
12. When you start playing
13. Finance is key
14. There are many corporations producing many Products
15. Employment level in your country
16. Education - the key to success
17. Learning more about Simcountry
18. Security of Countries and Assets in Simcountry
19. Playing The Peaceful Game
20. Playing Simcountry
21. Simcountry - Fast Track
22. Account Expirations
23. Awards in Simcountry
24. Hall of Fame
25. Playing frequently and running multiple countries
26. Alone or with your friends?

2. Simcountry Dictionary [ top ]

The most often used terms in simcountry are explained here. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact The Gamemaster.

Table of Contents:

1. Alphabetical Order
2. Search Term

3. Beginners Info [ top ]

New players in Simcountry are advised to frequently check their education and education priorities, health, their corporations and finance. Look at your current level indicators, it is undex indexes on the country home page. You will see what needs to be done to move into the next level. Reading some documentation will help too.

Click on the underlined texts on many of the pages, and on tags on all pages. There are hundreds of hints that can provide info on specific functions.

There is an "important things to do" link on the country home page that will help you find simple things you can do to start with.

Delay building an army. Try to find out what needs to be done in order to improve your economy and start earning the money you need to build up the country.

Playing Simcountry is somewhat like steering a huge tanker. If you want to make a turn, you must turn the wheel early because large tankers tend to continue in the same direction long after you started turning the wheel.

Examples: Education does not change from one day to another. It takes time to turn out the professionals you need. Building corporations, producing weapons, takes some time and must be started on time for things to come together when you need them.

Try changing parameters, build up corporations and look into the effects of your actions. It will all start to make sense very quickly.

4. Countries, Continents and Regions [ top ]

If you look around the Simcountry site, you will find five worlds and their characteristics.

On the world home page, you can see the world map. When you zoom into these maps there are details of the continents, regions, and if you push even further, the details of each country.

All the countries in the world have their own detailed maps. They show the capital city, large cities and even the small towns. It shows roads, railroads, corporations, military bases etc. Click on some objects and see what they are.

Names of cities and the number of people are detailed. Zoom into the corporation details and view their financial and production data. All objects are under your control. You can change names to your own choice.

When playing the game you always see your own country but you may also look at others, view their maps, their data and military power. Some details can be declared secret by the president and will not be visible.

Table of Contents:

1. Worlds
2. The world Features
3. Continents
4. Regions
5. Countries
6. The President or leader of the country
7. Cities and Towns in Simcountry
8. The Map of the Country
9. Country map view is optional
10. The map menu - customizing maps
11. Country maps during war
12. Miles and kilometers
13. Name and Flag
14. Repainting country maps
15. Empires - Groups of Conquered Countries
16. Empires
17. Empire Leader Country
18. Large Empires
19. Funds and population transfers within an empire
20. Messages redirected to the empire leader
21. Rebellions
22. Transfer of people between conquered countries
23. Transfer of weapons between conquered countries
24. Transfer of funds between countries across the entire account.
25. Failure of Countries and Bankruptcies
26. Un-registering conquered countries
27. Disasters and disaster relieve
28. Civil unrest
29. Education as a cause of civil unrest
30. Health as a cause of civil unrest
31. Social security as a cause of civil unrest
32. Transportation as a cause of civil unrest
33. Reinitializing Abandoned or Terminated Countries
34. Countries without a president
35. The Security Council in Simcountry
36. Resolutions
37. Security Council rules
38. Security Council Decisions
39. Security Council and the use of Nukes
40. Termination

5. Enterprises [ top ]

When playing Simcountry, you can decide to play as a CEO of an enterprise. Enterprises are groups of corporations. When you play the enterprise game, you are building new corporations or you can takeover corporations owned by others and you build up your own enterprise that can include 10 corporations or it can be very large and include 750 corporations.

The objective of the CEO is to create a successful enterprises stretching over many countries, producing many products. The enterprise becomes successful if the corporations it owns are profitable.

As CEO, you can trade in products and in corporations. You can bring corporations to the stock market and you can trade shares, gaining control of other public corporations.

You can build up relations with other CEOs and presidents and participate in a common market with your friends and game partners.

Enterprise leaders have access to the Direct Trading Market. Gold coins can be exchanged into game money and complete enterprises can be traded for Gold coins.

Table of Contents:

1. Playing The Enterprise Game
2. Starting Your Enterprise
3. Private Corporations
4. Managing your corporations
5. Make sure you always produce and sell
6. Production levels in the corporations
7. Employment in the enterprise
8. Find and buy corporations
9. Corporate Raiding
10. Purchasing Corporations from the "Gamemaster Corporations Enterprise".
11. Starting new corporations
12. CEO Corporations in a Single Country
13. The number of Corporations in an enterprise
14. Enterprise Finance
15. Enterprise Income from profit sharing
16. Enterprise cost of purchasing corporations
17. Enterprise loans
18. Enterprise score

6. Game Features [ top ]

This document describes mainly the economic part of the game. The defense, war features and all weapons and their capabilities are described in separate documents.

Game Features:

1. Simcountry Game Features
2. Game Levels & Requirements
3. Space Travel & Trading
4. Automation and Support Functions

7. War Documentations - Playing the Simcountry War Game [ top ]

The War documentation includes several documents describing many aspects of the Simcountry war game. The documentation includes information on the Simcountry war levels and general game levels, and among others, a full and detailed information on all the weapons and ammunition that are used in the game

War Documentation:

1. War game documentation - Simcountry War Features
2. Building and Maintaining The Army
3. War Levels and War Declarations
4. Weapons and Ammunition Document
5. Military Units and Supplies
6. Mobile Military Units
7. Quality of Military Units and Weapons

8. Managing Corporations [ top ]

Corporations in Simcountry are essential to the economy. Each country has initially between 10 and 20 corporations. These corporations employ many workers and their success is essential for your success in the game. Corporations are successful if they produce and sell large quantities of the products they produce. They must run at full capacity or close to full capacity and sell everything they produce.

Corporations can be very profitable if handled correctly and will pay taxes to the government. Failing to manage the corporations may lead to large losses and to bankruptcy and closure of the corporations.

Corporations are meant to be very large and they produce a single product or a group of products. Examples: Corn, meat (any kind of meat), Meat products (any kind of processed meat products), Services, High tech services or military services. There are more than 300 different products, each with its own production process and raw materials that are needed in the production process.

Table of Contents:

1. Corporations
2. Products
3. The Production Process
4. Corporate finance
5. Corporate Income
6. Product Pricing
7. Corporate costs
8. Material costs
9. Maintenance costs
10. Fixed cost in corporations
11. Corporation's quality
12. Private and Public Corporations - revenue contribution
13. Special clinics for the rehabilitation of the disabled
14. Reintegration schools for housewives
15. Corporate orders
16. Supply of airports, air bases and other large objects
17. Supplies of Construction, Services, Maintenance, Air Transport and Electric power
18. Profitability of Corporations
19. Corporate profit, loss and cash flow
20. Corporate taxes and profit payments
21. Profit payments
22. Loan limit in corporations
23. Corporate assets
24. Corporate Market Value
25. Corporate market value - public corporations
26. Corporate market value of state corporations versus private corporations
27. Presidents can block CEOs from setting up corporations
28. Private and Public Corporations versus State Corporations
29. Efficiency of Corporations
30. Automatic Upgrading of Corporations
31. Corporations - Production levels
32. Retaining products in corporations
33. Automatic Product reservations for contracts
34. Not delivering on contracts and spending limit overruns
35. Contract pricing
36. Selling retained products
37. Corporations with many unsold products
38. Canceling of contracts is free of penalty
39. Workers in Corporations
40. Salaries in corporations and Salary targets
41. Setting Salary Targets
42. Corporations - Hiring and firing
43. State and national corporations
44. Money transfers between countries and state corporations
45. Private Corporations
46. Private corporations - Upgrade level
47. Automatic bidding on corporations
48. Public Corporations
49. Corporations can repurchase their own shares
50. Corporations can issue new shares at market value
51. Setting up new corporations
52. Building corporations
53. New Corporations Profitability
54. Building corporations in Computer Controlled Countries
55. Purchasing existing corporations
56. Corporations in countries with no president
57. Gamemaster Corporations
58. Moving a corporation to another country.
59. Moving a corporation into a C3 country
60. Corporations at risk of being closed
61. Closing Corporations
62. Recently closed corporations
63. Changing the name of a corporation
64. Some Product Descriptions
65. Air force Maintenance
66. Airports
67. Advanced Effectivity Products
68. Advanced Quality Products
69. Airplanes
70. Aluminum
71. Ammunition Components
72. Ammunition Quality Products
73. Assets Maintenance
74. Carbon
75. Car Engines
76. Cargo Airplanes
77. Coal
78. Copper
79. Corporate Maintenance Units
80. Construction
81. Defensive Weapons Maintenance
82. Electric Power
83. Factory Maintenance Units
84. Gas
85. Gold
86. High schools
87. High tech Services
88. Iron
89. Military Base Maintenance
90. Military Services
91. Military Supplies
92. Navy Weapons Maintenance
93. Nuclear Missiles
94. Nuclear Power
95. Nuclear Submarine Missiles
96. Offensive Weapons Maintenance
97. Oil
98. Plutonium
99. Precision Bombers
100. Precision Bombs
101. Roads
102. Road Maintenance
103. Schools
104. Selenium
105. Solid Missile Fuel
106. Services
107. Shuttle Maintenance Units
108. Solid Missile Fuel
109. Space Centers
110. Strategic Bombers
111. Strategic Weapons Maintenance
112. Train Tracks
113. Train Tracks Maintenance
114. Trucks
115. Universities
116. Uranium
117. Weapon Grade Components
118. Water Treatment Products
119. Water Maintenance
120. Weapon Grade Uranium
121. Weapons Quality Upgrades (WQU)
122. Wind Farms
123. Wind farms Maintenance
124. Risks of large numbers of wind farms
125. Corporations that build wind farms.
126. Wind Turbines

9. Trading products in Simcountry [ top ]

Trading in products is an essential feature in the game. There are up to 200.000 corporations in each world and all of them are large, employing 100.000 to 400.000 workers and producing significant quantities of products.

Most of the products are offered on the market and are bought by countries and corporations. Countries need products for consumption and for government functions. Corporations use many products in their production process.

Weapons and ammunition are also traded on the markets where all prices are determined by supply and demand.

Maintaining the countries and corporations supplied with everything they need is very important. There are many products on short supply and some buyers end up with shortages in their countries, Some corporations are unable to produce, lacking raw materials. Some products can remain unsold not producing any revenue.

Countries and corporations can also trade within their local and common markets instead of offering them on the genral market. At the local markets, trading is by long term contracts. Most products however, are traded on the general market.

Table of Contents:

1. The World market
2. What is the world production capacity?
3. Factory Utilization
4. High Utilization Numbers
5. Automatic orders
6. Contract delivery of products and weapons
7. Canceling all contracts is free of penalty
8. Product pricing
9. Contracts and pricing
10. Trading Strategies - follow the market
11. Shortages and Oversupply on the world markets
12. Pricing procedures
13. World Specific Products
14. Description of some of the products in Simcountry
15. Ammunition Components
16. Ammunition Quality Upgrades (AQU)
17. Car Engines
18. Factory Maintenance Units
19. Nuclear Power
20. Plutonium
21. Selenium
22. Solid Missile Fuel
23. Weapon Grade Components
24. Uranium
25. Weapons Quality Upgrades (WQU)
26. Space products
27. Space industry products trade on Space stations
28. Precision Bombers
29. Precision Bombs
30. Military Products
31. Nuclear Missiles Corporations
32. Nuclear Submarine Missiles
33. Strategic Bombers

10. The Common Market [ top ]

Groups of countries and enterprises can set up common markets. A common market is based on an agreement between countries and enterprises to trade products within the group.

The participants in a common market try to purchase all the products they need from other participants and sell their products to the same partners. Each country or an enterprise can be a member of one common market.

Table of Contents:

1. The Choice of corporations and trading
2. The organization of trade
3. Local trade
4. Common market trade
5. International trade
6. Trade contracts
7. Common Markets - Minimum Commitments
8. Common Market Membership
9. Member communication
10. Common market score

11. The stock market in Simcountry [ top ]

The stock market is where shares of public corporations are traded. Corporations that reach the required market value and profitability levels, can offer their shares on the share market and become public corporations.

There are several reasons for corporations to offer their shares. A common reason for the corporation is to issue new shares and raise capital to pay off debt or raise money for new investments.

The control over public corporations is in the hands of the largest shareholder. The owner of more than 50% of the shares will always be in control of the corporation. When many shareholders are involved, the one with 10% or 15% of the shares can be the largest shareholder and control the corporation.

Table of Contents:

1. The shares of a corporation, profit and PE-ratio
2. Public corporations
3. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
4. Manual share trading
5. Managing Public Corporations
6. How does the Share Market work?
7. Trading shares
8. Selling shares
9. Buying shares
10. Share selling by countries
11. Share buying by Countries
12. Shares owned by Countries
13. Share selling by Enterprises
14. Share buying by Enterprises
15. Share buying by investment funds
16. Shares selling by Investment funds
17. Public Corporations - Target Ownership
18. Share splits and reverse splits

12. Trading Game Assets. [ top ]

The Direct Trading Market in Simcountry is the place where game assets can be traded. Gold coins can be exchanged for game money. Population transfers are possible, and players can increase the population in their countries in exchange for gold coins.

The Direct Trading Market also allows you to trade countries and enterprises for Gold Coins.

Table of Contents:

1. The Direct Trading Market
2. Nominal Value of countries and enterprises in $ US
3. Offering assets for sale
4. Bidding for assets on the market
5. The Exchange rate
6. Trading countries and Enterprises
7. Selling a Country in War
8. Offering gold coins for population
9. Automatic bidding by the gamemaster
10. Accepting bids
11. New players and the direct trading market
12. Direct Trading and multiple accounts
13. Trading Cargo Shuttles
14. Trading Aging cargo Shuttles
15. Direct Trading - Service Oriented Products
16. Direct Trading accounts must be at least two weeks old
17. Boosters
18. What types of Boosters are available now?
19. Fast upgrading of corporations
20. Faster building of corporations
21. No rebellions in a country for 12 game months
22. The Corporation's Super Booster
23. War Protection Booster

13. Terms and Conditions [ top ]

This document describes the terms and conditions that govern the use of the game. Anyone who wants to play Simcountry should be aware of these terms and conditions and you must accept them if you register a country or an enterprise.

If you are already a player in this game you already accepted these terms and conditions when you registered. You may be required to reaccept the terms and conditions in case the document has been changed.

Read Terms and Conditions.

14. Frequently Asked Questions [ top ]

Many of the questions put to us by users and some are questions they should have asked. The document is being updated from time to time.

Table of Contents:

1. Awards ranks and scores
2. Money and Loans
3. Trading
4. Corporations
5. Improving health, education and transportation?
6. Defense and War
7. Game settings and rules
8. Shortages
9. Education - priorities - workers and employment
10. New users
11. Federations
12. Communicating with other users
13. Other issues